Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lost Fan Art of Ink, a New Deep and More Little Mac.

A little something special today. Some Fan Art by Ink-B premiering here on this blog! These are fan arts he did some time ago and recently touched up. Check 'em!

Here's a blast from the past. It's the stud Dark Schneider from the anime Bastard! It's been a long time since I read this manga. One of the few I can remember having so much nice male nudity. Nice buns there Ink! So very sexy! He looks like he's got the perfect hot dog to match 'em. :O Gotta love a dick that is that huge when flaccid. I hope Ink decides to give us a full frontal shot of him some day!

Next up is King Leonidas from the movie 300!

That king is to hot to let that rain cool him down!
Way awesome man. I was really surprised to see him included. I do love the sexy men of 300. Your Spartan has such gentle eyes. He looks like he's ready to put his spear into action! Awesome likeness and great beefy body. Must keep hands off pants as I type.... XD

A little while ago Ink took on the task of seeing how our boys would look as humans. He then took it one step further and placed Romer, Dimata and Smilo in an RPG setting.
Well Last week guess who joined the trend? Yep that's right, it's Little Deep, now with his first name revealed by Ink, I proudly present Crokis Deep!

Just when you thought he couldn't get sexier!!!! Crokis is wearing face paint here and shots to honor his past incarnation. Still a trouble maker on the beach, Crokis is more of a butt pirate then a real thief. He's a natural in the water and an A+ surfer. He tries his best to be a loner, despite the many admirers he attracts. :P

Not to long ago I asked the artist Catchguess to draw Little Mac. He was asking for request you see. He took him on in style!

The picture proved to be one of his most popular creations to date! You can really see why too. It's a brilliant picture. His face is so sweet and innocent and a little worried. Very perfectly fitting of him. (Who wouldn't look nervous fighting a bunch of guys over twice your size? Very nice lighting effects.

This all makes me hope Catchguess will do a series of him! Must take off jockey shorts...:drool:

Thanks so much!:heart::heart:

More fun to cum! :)

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