Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Halloween from Casltevania! Seasonal Treats from Fydbac, Tonberryknight and Ink-B

First off I have to make a little announcement. I received a donation of an additional $10 by an anonymous party for the Caveman Contest. The instructions were to make it 4th place prize. So that's great news for the entrants.

Today I have a TON of great pictures to share! First, let us take a trip to the Transylvania country side shall we? Get ready for Tonberryknights Halloween Treat!

Check it! Velcome to Castlevania!!! Simon is an amazing mixture of all his previous incarnations. Here he has his original costume and hair colour. He has his new hair design, facial features and necklace from the Wii game. Genius!!! Tonberryknight did a better job then Komami! :P Drac is stupendous. I love his curly hair and blood red eyes. Very sexy. Not to forget that hot cut cock! The Counts got more then Candy on his mind.

I asked Ms. Tonberryknight for a image of Simon and Drac Frotting with a bit of a Halloween theme. Well just for fun she came up with this pose. She didn't think I would jump at it, but heck I feel in love!!! (And so did everyone I showed the original sketch too!) I begged her to get it done before Halloween and here it is for everyone to enjoy!

Such a stunning background deserved at least one more version. Here it is with a white moon. This background just screams Halloween night. :) I am so in love with her Dracula and Simon that when she opens her commissions again I am going to ask her if she wouldn't mind doing a Castlevania series similar to the Icarus one we did when I first met her. That series still needs some more images added to it too! :)

As I mentioned in a previous post, Ink-B has started his Commissions. I just had to take a slot. Hey gotta help a friend out! Keeping with the Halloween theme, I asked him to draw a very sexy Simon Belmont in his style. Here he is:

Ha ha, I didn't say anything to Ink, but the face of his Simon reminds me of an old flame from High school! :P His Simon is stunning. He has such a strong face, soft eyes and a build that is worthy of a warrior from the dark ages. Hee hee Ink even snuck in a little stubbly growth. :) Love the details on the costume. That huge cut cock is so thick!!! No wonder Simon doesn't jump very high, or far. He's not wearing anything, except a strap! What a background. The lighting effects, the mist, the moon all take me back days of old, when the Halloween season was spent playing games like this in the dark with friends. Defiantly going to ask for more!

Here he is against a different awesome background. A cool blue moon casts light on the hero. The mist effects have been changed as well.

Ink is a very hard worker. Even after he was finished he went back and redid the entire image and made Simons face cuter, his body more build and added a ton of more effects to the background. If I get his permission I will post the comparison picture he sent me. If that doesn't say he's more then worth commissioning, I am not sure what does!

How about a little Halloween treat from the Prehistoric Past??? Here we have a 24 hour commission from Fydbac. It's been awhile since she last took on my boys, so this is a real treat. I asked her to dress Dimata up as a mummy for Halloween. Look where she hung his pumpkin pail! LOL

Dig that pose! A Mummy mammoth get it? Yeah LAME paleontology joke... ha ha! :P

Her Dimata is always so hot and sexy! It was great to have her take him on again. Dang those wrappings have TON of detail. Of course she pushed them aside for all his important features! I love the pose his hands are in. This would make a great Halloween window cling....well in a gay community anyway!

Happy Halloween everyone. More sexy scares to cum, stayed tuned.


  1. OOOOOHHH I love Halloween! I knew we could all count on you for some gorgeous Halloween-inspired images, Dinosaurprince. I was RIGHT!!! LOL! These are fantastic. The Castlvania illustrations are superb and terrrrribly sexy! Of course they are, they're drawn by two fantastic talents! Congrats to Tonberryknight and to Ink-B!!!! I love these!

    And of course, Dimata as a mummy is to die for! Brilliant concept, and brilliant illustration! Great job to you and to Fydbac!!!

    Happy Halloween to you and everyone you so brilliantly team up with, dear friend!

    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  2. Ha! Yeah in my family I am know know as the Halloween king... :P I love the Halloween season. It's so awesome that these artists really went to town for me.

    Fydac really put a ton of detail into that mummy didn't she? :)

    Happy Halloween to you and yours too man! Don't eat too many candies. :P



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