Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sworn Mini Review

Hey guys. A little something different today. During the summer I picked up the Comic book Sworn. I usually don't do reviews and really am not planing on making this a habit. I was kinda skeptical regarding the title. I had seen the art of Silvano on Y!Gallery, but that was about all I knew about the artist. I threw caution to the wind and I am very happy I did. I have to say it was one of the hottest little comics I have picked up in some time.

We are thrown into a world of magic and superheros were two young men on opposing sides start to fall head over heals for each other. The writing by C. J. Evans is terrific. We are not bogged down with too many details about the world. We are given just enough so that we understand what's going, until the story finds it's true focus, the forbidden lust between the angelic Calais and rouge Slammer. At this point the boys become much more complex characters and one starts to question if the war is as black and white as it is presented.

I got very caught up in the sexual tension and the innocents of the enemies engaging in youthful sexual discovery. The adventure of one teen discovering a foreskin for the first time and the other enjoying a cut cock struck a deep emotional cord with me. The characters soon become very real. I admire how Silvano decided to keep the boys proportions very realistic. Adding a good amount of hair on young Slammer was a wonderful idea. Slammer reminds us of the humanity of soldiers on the opposing end of a battle. As well as the simple fact that being born into a family known for evil, doesn't mean that every member is reflective of that.

Many other characters are introduced including the boys fathers. I can tell you I wouldn't mind seeing Calais's father getting it on with a couple of his team mates! I hope more books are in the works. Sworn is a winner. You can pick up a copy of sworn over at Class Comics.

Class Comics - Home of the Erotic Gay Comic!

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