Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Blog continues: Devils Dripping with Honey!

Long ago, I started to have some great ideas for Fan arts involving Patrick Fillions characters Diablo and Incubus. The first of these was taken on by Demona and YKX on Y!gallery. I can't even remember how long ago it was that I first came up with the concept of Donovan from Darkstalkers getting double teamed by the father and son demonic heroes.

Demona did all the line art and YKX did the amazing colouring job. This one was intense. Finding differences between the two devils was a chore in itself. (Though a very fun pre-cum inducing one...)

My Reaction:

Oh man talk about one of the craziest Commissions I have ever done!!! I really put Demona and myself through a lot of research with this one. We had a lot of crazy nights spent figuring out the best poses, colours and above all else the features that should best represent the father and son duo of Mr. Fillions. It was a lot of fun and the results are really spectacular!
Demona thanks for taking this one on. You did such an amazing job on getting the characters so well done and adding your own style to them. I really appreciated how much time you spent with me on this. You added so many great ideas that made this image stronger! Like that foot action!! :lol:!!

This image was done to show that for once the demons were going to get the upper hand and prove to Donovan that he can't pick on everyone just because they look evil!
You really cared so much and it meant the world to me! :heart::happyhappy:

YKX your colours are just amazing. I love the glow in the eyes, the veins on the wings, the difference in colour on the two two characters and all the little amazing touches you added! Always ready to support a fellow Canadian artist!!! Bang up job!

This one was a long time in the making, but it couldn't have shown up at a better time on Y!gallery and cheer me up!!!!
Thanks you two. Bows. :widesmile::heart: Group hug!!!!

I was very happy that Mr. Fillion really loved this too. :)

I wasn't done with Diablo just yet. Nope! I had another idea for him and I knew just the Go Nagai fan to ask to help me bring it to life. Master Fallenangel and I share a very similar love of his creations so I asked him to pair the Cube warrior with one of Japans best know Characters DEVILMAN!

Here is a very special blog exclusive look at the image with a higher resolution and no banner across it. Enjoy. I still get goosebumps when I open it up!

My Reaction:

It's so awesome to have you draw a Go Nagi and a Fillion character in one picture Fallen! East meets west in this pairing of 'good' Devils! I love it! Your Diablo is great! He's so cute! Love the flaming nips and the wings. Those are some gorgous cocks. Diablos is just so juicy looking.
I really love Devilmans head and expression. You did an amazing job on him. The mist, the moon and the gentle blue sky all add to a soothing, almost Halloweenish feel to the piece. I wonder how many people on Y will know Devilman? XD
Thanks Fallen! You always rock!

We were both surprised and delighted to find out Patrick Fillion is a huge Go Nagai fan too! :)

Months ago while I was looking at my DVD's a popped in Cutie Honey. This sparked a title wave of renewed interest in the franchise. Due to that I even sat and read the entire Devilman Manga as well as re-watched the original Anime series of both Honey and Devilman. This made me want to do some more Devilman and even Cutie Honey stuff on Y. Once again I turned to my buddy FallenAngel and asked him if he wouldn't mind creating a Male Cutie Honey with me. He was thrilled to do it. We looked at the various outfits the different series had and picked the features we liked the most.

Pretty cool huh?

Here is my response:

After doing Devilman, this was by far the natural choice for the next commission! Hee hee, I so do love Cutey Honey! It was one of the first Anime I remember renting way back in the day. You did her/him major justice my friend. I love the pose and the sword. What do we call him? Twinky Honey???? Hunky Honey? Twinky Hunky???? XD
Nice cut cock just oozing precum, something a male version should be doing for sure!
I'm really surprised at how well the costume looks on a guy too. It's really hot!
Thanks for thinking to include the civilian version was well! Neat idea. :lol: Ah, yet another fantasy fulfilled by Fallenangel. :widesmile: I say sequel!

And Sequels there were!!!! We decided to start paring Honey with Devilman, but Honey would be the one in charge. Enjoy the naughtiness the ensued!

Honey has the upper hand.

My Reaction:

Awesome job man!!! Seeing the superb job on Honey and Devilman that you did, I had to request them paired together. Ever since they did that teaser on the Honey OVA opening with Deviman thrown in the mix, I have been fantasizing of seeing them together. Thanks for fulfilling that dream in the most erotic way!!

Devilman's face is priceless! Honey is swirling precum on his chest, while straddling his leg!!! SO VERY HOT!!! :drool::drool::drool: I wonder how hot that feel having his balls rub against that oh so hairy leg? :blush::heart:
Nice soft Honey buns!!!:lol:
Great background and statue too. It's sweet.
These are two hot cocks man. Yay for cut boys! :heart::kiss::heart:
Do we take this further? :kitty2:

Next a little Anal..well there's nothing little about it is there????

My Reaction:

This is so hot. One of your hottest pieces ever! Your Honey has really buffed up here and I love it. His cock is so huge and it's really sexy the way he is tearing up poor Devilmans ass!! I love his huge arms in those gloves. Devilman is so hot. Making that face, but spewing cum.
Where do we go from here? :happyhappy::heart::heart::heart::tongue:

Ah, that was were we ended it as we moved forward into even more hot erotic Yaoi the way only Fallen can produce! Due to the huge popularity of these images we will have to revisit all these characters again some time in the future.

On a side note, if you love your Super heroes you will be very interested to know that Demona is doing an art CD featuring 10 Hunks for the worlds of DC and Marvel. There will be 10 images on the disc with possible extra surprises. If you are interested in purchasing a copy you can contacted here by leaving a comment here, or on her Y!Gallery page located here:


Don't forget to check out Diablo and all his friends over at Class Comics!


  1. I'm not at all into the Dad/Son incest stories but I'd make an exception for Diablo and Incubus ! ^^

  2. I'm not too into them either. That's why we made sure the two stayed away from each other in the shot. :P



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