Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009 from the Kingdom.

Hey Boils and Ghouls Happy Halloween 2009! I hope everyone has their pumpkins carved, their apples carameled and their candies waiting by the door. I am going Tricking tonight!

A couple artists did some very spooktacular images for me just in time.
Let's start with FallenAngels latest masterpiece The Scarecrow and the Crow.

This idea has been running around in my head for years. A sexy Scarecrow and a sexy Crow boy getting it on in the corn field on All Hallows Eve. The Crow was inspired by Randy West...yeah I know AGAIN!!! The scarecrow is inspired from a story I wrote years ago, but he's so sexified he doesn't really feel like the innocent creature I made up many Halloweens ago. (Which is a good thing!)

My Reaction:

Hey man!!!! This rocks!!! You took my concept and designs and really made them amazing. The shading and the muscles are just too much. Those scarecrow legs wow! YUM! Love the old sack idea, the hat the gloves it's all so cool! Just what I had in mind. Your gloves are a bit cooler actually. :sweatdrop: For you Pac-man fans, his hat was inspired by Blinky's from the Cartoon.

I love all the colours you used. The skin tones are amazingly fitting. Especially for the Randy Crow. I dig the shorts! ha ha ha, love the straw you added. ITCHY!! LOL I need to help him take those off. :happyhappy::heart: This would make a great series, too bad I approached you with this so close to Halloween. These guys are just to hot for a one shot. :widesmile::heart:
The moon is very pretty too. I have a thing for the moon. :blush:

Perfect image for the Holiday.

These guys proved REALLY popular and now I feel it's a shame we didn't do more with them until right before Halloween. Always next year of course. I really feel in love with Angels designs.

Next in this Ghoulish Gallery (if I can quote Bart Simpson) is my second commission from Ink-B. Yep I enlisted his services again. He took my simple idea and turned it into a two E-card extravaganza! Here is Smilo and Dimata in costume on Halloween night.

Dimata Visits Halloween town!!! That was all Ink! That is one gorgeous and very naughty Dimata. He even gave him a stiched mouth like Sally! I wonder if the pumpkins are opening wide to take in Dimatas mammoth member?

Smilo is vanting to suck something other then blood I am sure, but he makes the sexiest blond Vampire when drawn by Ink-B. Just look how smooth and sleek he is! Simply delightful. Ink you really outdid yourself.
These were used as greeting cards for my friends and the reactions were incredibly positive.

And now a little blog exclusive from Ink, prepare for Prehistoic Paradise on Parade!

Boy did my heart melt when I saw this cute surprise in my inbox. Here's almost all the boys out and about for a horny Halloween party. They are lead by Ink's newest Original creation the Halloween Batboy. Tribal skeleton painted Steko, Vampire Smilo, Devil Dimata, FrakenDeep, Mummy Romer, Ghost Tonia and witch Dore what a site to see parading down the street! Each one an adorable little wonder. I so want to make stickers of these!!!! Thanks Ink and thanks to everyone who has drawn, become friends and been there for me all this year. You have made this Holiday one of the most memorable of my life. I wish you all the best this Halloween.

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