Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gninrom's extreme image revealed! NookieDog takes on a forgotten Prince!

A couple new things and very exciting things to share today! First off Nookiedog was very intrigued by a certain Flyboy from the 80's. Prince Dargon from the Coleco series Sectaurs! He made him out to as as beefy and juicy as possible!

My lord, what a body! You're making me sweat!!!!!

Check the immaculate lettering. It's so nice to have the Dinosaurprince's Kingdom Presents on there. Dang that's touching!
Pretty fitting for the throne room of a bug race to have cob webs as decoration! Hee hee the throne room is not as awesome as the prince resting there in. I love that thick long penis with the vein running down it. Great details on his slightly hairy body. A fly guy should have a decent amount of fuzz on him! Dargons face is very strong and fitting that of ruler. Great job on his antennae. :) All the shading showing off his muscles is wondrous.
The sword and amulet just jump off the page don't they? I must admit right from the start this guy was perfect.

In this first image Nookiedog gave Dargon his own take on the characters eyes. Combining the animated series design with a more human sized orb.
Here he is with eyes more in tune with the animated series.

He's focused on your bulge... XD

Thanks Nookiedog! You took on an old favorite of mine from a series that didn't get the chance it deserved. Now it has a place among your masterpieces of gay art. I hope this will inspire others to look up the characters.

I dropped a couple hints about this next image online...so here for the first time is Gninroms super sexy, take on my and Ink's boys Dimata and Lil' Deep up to something very naughty!!!

Yes you are seeing that right! I went there, water sports. :P Inspired by a very close friend of mine, I contacted Ginrom the most daring and boldest artist on Y!Gallery to take on this image. He jumped right on it. He was a delight to work with. Very friendly and full of funny tales to share.

Here Lil' Deep shares his man pudding with a somewhat unwilling Dimata. Dimata loves Smilo, Lil'Deep has him tied up. Funny his cock isn't complaining! :P

My reaction:

This is so super hot man! You did an amazing job on both guys and you were so very professional towards me and my wishes. I really got a kick of how you kept adding more and more features to this. The background with the sunlight, the pterodactyls, the mountain range, etc all give the image a warm early summer morning feel. I swear you can smell the dew in the air! (Along with the cum.) :wink:
Lil' Deep is way sexy. I dig the fins on his arms and I think that is going to for sure become part of his design. The cocks are spectacular and the cum is so Vividly realized, the motion is breath taking. :surprised::heart:

Thanks for all the extra versions of the characters separated from the background as well. That was very awesome of you. I really adore the ancient parchment version of Lil Deep.

Dimata is an irresistible piece of man meat here. Love the chest hair growing between the pecks, really hot touch! The tail is perfect as well. The hair on his head looks so soft and fuzzy! Love the HUGE cock and low hanging balls!

Gninrom sent me tons of previews, line art and the characters separated from the background. He took great interest in the characters and making sure I was happy with what I was getting. I may just share some of them here one day. One of the coolest things he sent me was this image of Lil'Deep against an old parchment like background. It looks like an image from a lost sea log.

Long ago a sailor saw something very hot!

Thanks Gninrom it was a lot of fun commissioning you. :)

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