Monday, February 28, 2011

Vann Illia The Barbarian By Guytoonist

It's been a week and no blog updates!!! Where have I been you ask? BUSY!!! Busy running around the world of Hyrule and talking with a couple of artists about some new developments. I'm about to give you a sneak peek into the exciting world of Vann my Hyborian Age style character and all that is too come in March!

Last fall I was having some fun drawing up animals that dwelt deep in the center of the earth. On the side of the image I drew a barbarian hero who's job it would be to deal with them. I didn't think much of him at the time, so I just sorta discarded the image. While coming up an idea for Caravaggia, I asked her what she thought of including him in the scene as he was fairly basic and she could have some fun with his design. Her work prompted me to redraw him. I named him Vann Illa. He's an Elf Barbarian. Not content to be just a girly boy, Vann wants to break the stereotype of his race and show just how manly pointy ears can be. Vann is no LINK. He hates labyrinths and fetch quests with no monetary returns with a passion. He lives in world not unlike Conans, filled with lost races and beasts from long ago.
When I showed my images of him and Caravaggias to just a couple friends. I have to say that I was stunned by the reactions I got. Lastmanouthere nudged me to create a true back story for him and I got some simply amazing fan art from Guytoonist. The man is passionate about his barbarian beauties! He's the Frazetta of the guy art world, no doubt!

Vann Illia in all his glory! As you will see below he evolved a lot. Guytoonist provided his most mature and most defined form. I might have given him a cape, but Guytoonist made it EPIC! :P Guytoonists new hair, battle scars, glorious outfit and hungry eye inducing body are outstanding. Only he could put a bulge like that in a lion cloth. ;P
Here you can see my original sketch in comparison to the second image I drew of Vann. I cut off his uncolored legs and boots here. I did up a nude version as well. He sports a cape held together by a shell and with ties that end in little brown pom poms. :P This version has his unkempt curly hair. He would later change his style to that of Guytoonist image above.

Check out Mr. Charming over here, Guytoonist original images of Vann, with that big ass chin and heart melting eyes. He's a roughed up naughty boy. He drew it on a McDonald's Napkin! Want some fries with that Big Mac? :P He added some nice scruff to his face and battle scars too. Chicks dig scars, so the Simpsons taught me. Look how massive that neck is!!! :D Now that's a real fucking treat of the week.

I would love to share Caravaggias stunning image as well, but I can't. Not without providing some spoilers in relation to the comic that FallenAngel is working on. So I am withholding it for a few weeks. Sorry Caravaggia! Her image inspired an entire story. LOL, she has herself to blame. HA ha ha ha!

I will give you one more glimps into his world before ending this. Every Barbarian saga needs lizard men. They might not be the best warriors, but they breed like rabbits and come cheaper by the dozen. They are the perfect complement to the make up of an army of any dark wizard, or evil king. Just like Vann; Kraw Lash here doesn't fit the norm. He joined up with Vann at the Barbarians request. A formidable and wise fighter, he seemingly enters the fray for coin alone. He has a thing for human men, those that are brave enough to sleep with him that is.
As you can see guytoonist once again took my simple sketch and reworked it into something admirable. (Bless him.) He has this magical ability of making otherwise creepy looking character into the most desirable men on Earth. :P

Diamond shapes adorning him? A kick as weapon, fang like spikes actually in his shoulder skin? Guytoonist imagination is simply awesome! My image is below. One of the main differences being the horns on the head were actually more a part of the skull, not unlike a ceratopsian. I like Guys dramatic spikes better. :P
I think I finally found a world for our Dark Wizard to dwell in as well Mr. Guytoonist. I could give a few more peeks, but I think that is good for now. Be ready, cause in the next few weeks Vann is gonna be totally fleshed out for your enjoyment. I hope you enjoyed this peek!

Monday, February 21, 2011

He's A Doll Marshall Copeland Cut Out And Jubells Conan!

FallenAngel has been experimenting with the cut out doll idea for a while now. Yesterday he surprised me with this really thoughtful gift. Marshall Copeland as a doll is pretty slick! He beefed him up really nicely. Check out how big and thick that scarf is! NICE!
To add to the surprise he set about creating a classic explorer outfit for him too! I will have to try to think of some more outfits to see him in. I like this concept a lot! It's great to try out new concepts with and maybe get a little feedback along the way.

FallenAngel didn't stop there! He came up with a brand new prototype character just for us to play around with. He's nameless and story less at this time. All we know is he is a beach boy. Maybe he is a from a tribe on a gay Island paradise, or a surfer of the Prehistoric Paradise seas? Maybe he can be one of Marshalls crew men, or a caveman sweet heart for Dore? Feel free to leave your thoughts on him! He's one chunk of dark hunk!

Thanks so much Fallen!

Speaking of dark hunks, take a look at this super fucking hot image from Jubell! Jubell and I were talking about cartoons from our youth that don't get much attention. Conan the Adventurer instantly comes to my mind. With it's continuing story line and awesome cast of hunks I am shocked that there is not even a fraction of yaoi regarding it. Let's face it, the show has as much potential as even the great He-Man. The shows a total sausage fest! I am thrilled and delighted to present this image to you here of Jubells take on Conan and Prince Zula!

I have been totally dreaming of this pairing for decades! LOL. I actually wanted to have a few images of these two done, but each time I attempted it, the plans never came to be. So I am really thankful to Jubell on this one. Jubell went all out here, double finger action, beautiful cut cock on Zula, soft comfy pillows....Conans red nose made me laugh. Looks like he over did it with the drink this day. The wine is doing it's job though. I would guess Zulas incredibly handsome face is definitely sober and enjoy this attention to the max.

Thanks so much Jubell! Awesome stuff!

Might as well end this with one more gift. A friend of mine went to Hong Kong and brought back some really cool stuff. One of the things he brought was this collection of Rumic World bobble head figures.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

That is one sexy Link

Well at least he WAS till I saw him stripped of his wig and make up. Then he was reduced to cute. Gotta love dat photoshop!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dore in Danger Set One By JCARTBLOG

Dore is a very shy young caveman. I would not say he is a coward, but he is very much aware of the dangers that the land he lives in hold. He is both tempted by and terrified of the dinoboys that he often spies on. Dore would just like to live in peace. Nothing would suit him more then a nice boring existence of swimming and eating all day.
After seeing the poll results I thought it was time to start exploring him as a character more. Here he is drawn for the first time awesomely by JCARTBLOG, just trying to soak in some rays after a nice shower at the local falls. He better wake up quick!

Jcartblogs Dore is freaking sweet. I like the job he did on his big blond locks of hair and wonderfully toned body. Nice square chest! XD Dores got some sweet tanned skin too. The waterfall turned out very beautiful as well. That shadow is terrifying! JC was really cool and did a version with the foreskin pulled back as well. I liked his take on the long thick skin at the tip enough to choose this one for the blog. It's one of his coolest looking foreskins to date. ^_^

JCARTBLOG did such a great job, I asked him to take a sketch he did and create a whole new image. It's similar with the waterfall behind him and the rex fast approaching. This time however, Dore is commanding two plump petite pterodactyls.

I really liked this cause of the way Dore is standing so proud with his chest out. His muscles and abs are just rippling on him! YUM YUM!!! He is incredibly handsome. There's something about the way that hair goes with that skin tone. I guess he is posing for a cave painting! Maybe Nole is drawing him. ;) I am really happy JC had the time to do this one as well. It brings out a more confident side of Dore. It is also great to see how JC take on some cartoony winged reptiles as well. They are just adorable!
Thanks JCARTBLOG, these rock! We will have to explore more of Dore in the future. ^_^

I had to show you this funky opening for a prehistoric anime called Kum Kum. Ah, just dig those 70's beats..... XD

I never got into this anime. I am sure it's great. It's just not readily available to watch translated in English, or subbed anywhere I can find on the net, or in stores. I have been listening to this song over and over for the last couple weeks.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hydaria Takes on Twilight

I have been waiting all day to post this up!!! This is on heck of a hot image by the one and only Hydaria! He worked super hard on this. He wanted to make sure he capture the look of the werewolf and vampire perfectly. That he did. The final result makes me want to rip those tight jeans right off Jacob as if he is a real person! XD His Edward is a lot beefier then the movie version. (He looks a lot stronger and together in fact!) Jacob facial structure, especially his brows leading to his cute noes are pretty sweet. I have to congratulate Hydaria for really kicking it up a notch on this image. His bodies, legs, even the feet are drawn and colored with great beauty and skill. As always his cocks are a huge highlight, big, thick, strong and amazingly detailed. He surprised me by creating a forest background and Moon and places the men on it like a giant sticker. Now this is the kind of stick book any true Twilight Fan would want! LOL!!!! You are the bomb Hydaria!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cute Prehistoric Couples Old and New!

Hey everyone! I was hoping to get some posts up early today, but I was hit pretty hard with some sinus trouble. It knocked me flat on my back only a couple hours after I woke up. I slept till really late then felt like crap all afternoon. This temperature jumping from cold, to hot, to cold is playing some nasty games with my health... :(
Luckily I got to some wicked ass art and got to talking to my friends. That really perked me up. You guys are gonna love what Lastmanhouthere has been working on! :D
Let's start with the newest image by CatchX! I found myself once again listing to the voters, picking characters from the poll. I was pleasantly surprised people voted for Dinosaur Prince a lot. (Maybe someone thought I was gonna get nude! XD) Dinosaur Prince has not been featured in an image since Aneros/Voider drew him last in 09. I think that I need to really explore this character more.

CatchX did some great work here. Smilo is so big and buff, shit!!! Look at the arm!!! He got some sick legs and a nice big cock too...very hot! I like how he has that little bit of hair falling a bit over his face. Cute! ;) Dinosaur Prince is rock hard, but with that big anime grin looks a little shy and slightly awkward about being so upfront in showing it to Smilo. ADORABLE isn't he? XD It's great to see him with a circumcision scar for the first time. It's very becoming on him I think. It's also great how his is thrusting it out like that, with abs pushed back a bit. His abs and chest are so bouncy looking eh? :) He did a great job on his hair. Sexy how the locks are caressing shoulders! The coloring is pretty fantastic with Smilo beaming with a gorgeous tan and Dinosaur Prince's cool reptilian coloring. Great Job CatchX! You can draw these guys anytime! :D

This is a totally awesome series of images an artist name Tronnie drawn back in 09. The artist did a fantastic job on each one and I am embarrassed that I kept forgetting to post them here. Her Dimata, Trevor and Trish are among my favorite takes on the characters. I dig that spaghetti hair on Trevor. You will see Smilo riding a terror bird here. This is a concept I have wanted to pursue time and again, but always failed to get someone on board with it since then. Maybe some day he will ride again. These were very much influenced of my friend Busiris who suggested I explore a few nonsexual images for a change! :D Hee hee. I will post my reaction to each one below each image.

Thanks for convincing me to do a few Clean versions of my boys. Busiris can take some credit for this too. XD I love this image. It's so playful. You did a bang up job on Dimata and Trish Elk. They are very sweet and they play footsies on the Tundra meadow. :wink::heart: I really love Dimatas wonderful tusks and the amazing job you did on Trishs horns. They are both a wonder. Thanks so much! :heart::happyhappy::heart: Excellent job for sure!!!

Steko and Trevor fish for Ichthyosaurus:

I love this! For some reason your Trevor reminds me of a One Piece Character and I love that! Another image that I am in love with. You did an amazing job on both characters. I will have to get this completed some day! I love your Steko. Shown here are the plates on his upper arm that was in my original sketch, but have not made it to a professional level till now! I think they look great!
I dig the waves and the spear action. Very well posed.
A very relaxing scene indeed. :heart::happyhappy::heart:

I love this cause it depicts Smilo and Glypto two creatures that should be enemies as friends and searching for adventure. You did a bang up job on the the Terror bird and Smilo! Very cute pose for Gylpto too! Thanks for working hard on this one and doing the changes I asked for. It make the picture so much nicer! What a sweet freebie! XD

I want to share another image from 09, a very cartoony version of Romer and Chiida done by the Artist Duddey. He does some really cute black characters so I was eager to see his take on these guys at the time. He did a really sweet job, especially considering how new they both were still fairly new. I love the expression on Romer, his tight chest and how he did the frill too!

Hey Duddey, I really like how this turned out. You did a great job making the boys cartoony, yet keeping it all sexy at the same time. I like the lighter skin on Chiida and the colouring on Romer rocks. Very sexy cocks and excellent bodies. You did a great job thanks so much! :kiss::heart:

Okay, I was going to do this, but I did promise something new in the title. This is my caveman couple that are part of Marshalls Museum world. They are both good friends of his. They have long ears, monkey tails and large thick spikes on their upper arms. This is kinda my Valentines image that didn't quite make it... XD The girl has trilobites covering her nips. :P

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines day!

Hey guys! I just wanted to do a quick post this morning to wish you all a very happy Valentines Day! I had this image commissioned by Erratak back in early 2009. It's a wonderful picture and I thought it very fitting to post with Icarus being in it and all. I do so love how the artist drew Icarus's hair here and they got his legs to look so smooth! Very sleek! This was his first porn picture and it's fantastic. :D

This was my reaction to the piece back on March 18th 09!
Wow I didn't realize till you PM'D me a little while ago that I was making you do porn for the first time. Hee hee and it's super sensual!
I love the wings on Icarus they are so fluffy! This is one of the cutest pictures I have had done! Everything about it is so soft and sweet. Your take on Rikuo is inspired! I love how you did his facial expression and his frills. And that brown penis, that's so hot! It's as if its a body part that (I don't know to explain this right) sits retracted inside a pouch and like a reptile, he pulls it out for mating, so the colour is different. That's hot for whatever reason, it's so And shows a lot of creativeness as well!
Thank you so much for drawing this for me!

For Valentines in Canada Teletoon Retro has been playing 'I Yabba Dabba Doo!" over and over. I remember being really disappointed with it when it aired at 1993. I was at my grandparents at the time and the first scene we saw was the Chip and Dales parody. I remember my grandfather who was a huge fan of Fred and the gang, uttering the lords name in vain at the sight. XD He was not impressed...
Looking at back at it, I really can't grasp why they didn't get Sally Struthers to once again voice Pebbles. What was she doing at this point that prevented her from voice acting? The biggest disappointment for me came in the form of the audience attending the wedding. This was because before I saw the movie air in full, I saw this at a local art shop:

This was back in the day when cartoon art was becoming an in thing to sell in galleries. I fell in love with this rather expensive piece. I assumed this was promotional art and the long tradition of great HB camoes was going to upheld in the movie. Boy was I wrong. My jaw dropped when I saw how lame the cameos were in the actual show. None of them talked first off. The only decent one was uncle Tex, but he was with out his wife. It just seemed like someone scanned a few episodes and picked a few random characters with no thought at all.
How awesome would it have been if all these characters pictured as well as the Gruesomes, the Frankenstones, the Schmoo, Hoppy (where the hell is he?), Grandpa Flintstone, Freds parents, Philo Quartz, Cave Mouse, the Hatrocks, Arnold the news boy all grown up and so many others had been present? The entire wedding party would have been a major blast as we got to watch all these character interacting with each other. I guess it was just another piece of proof that while Disney and Warners were striving to do quality animation, HB was still stuck in their mediocre half assed ways. Still, the movie itself is not bad and the VHS got a lot of play in my household from the younger generation.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love Making at the Dawn of Time Art by Hydaria and FallenAngel

Prepare to enjoy the wonder and magic of Hydaria and FallenAngels art set in the prehistoric world of Genshi Shonen Ryu!
First off is master Hydaria. Through the power of his art, you can feel the heat of the early morning rays hitting Ryus back. The world of these two strong lovers is slowly awakening. Ryu and Mashi have been grinding together for some time. The heat hitting Ryus back has added new fuel to his amorousness. Their passions soon reached their peek and what feels like liters of caveman cum starts gushing from both of their giant cocks. The men relax in each others arms for a few moments, watching the sun rise. After a short, but sweet embrace they rise and continue their journey. It is never safe to stay in one place for too long in this harsh world.

Hydaria did a mind bending job on both characters. Their faces and hair are unbelievably spot on! He gave Ryu a body built like a brick! Just check out those powerful features! :D Gotta love Mashi's tight heaving man bosom. ^_^ It was so wonderful to see Hydaria work his foreskin magic once again. Great angle to show off Ryus big head there Hydaria. Mmmmm seeing people do Mashi's big brown cock is fast becoming a favorite thing of mine! XD Thank you very much Hydaria for this heart pounding masterpiece!

Next up, is Ryu by that king of Mischief FallenAngel. I wanted to pair him with my shy little Dore. Ryu has been leading Dore safely to and from the forest as he collected water. Ryu is caught off guard by a baby Dimetrodon that scampers between his legs chasing a butterfly. The sail catches on his loin cloth and leaves him totally exposed! Dore has been eying Ryu all day. The poor guy cannot help but get instantly hard at the site!

FallenAngel made his version of Ryu super slick and sexy. His skin is super smooth. I dig those long slender arms and legs Fallen gave him! Fallen was checking out some of the images I sent when he noticed something cool. In one of the manga covers Ryu has some sweet arm and leg bands. He asked about including them and I am glad I said yes. They look really great on him! I have yet to see Ryu don these in the anime, so I don't know if they were exclusive to the manga in any way besides the cover art. You can see them in the shot below. Fallen has a great way of expressing sweet innocents in his characters, so he was a natural choice to do this image. His Dore is really adorable with that expression and long locks. The whole image is fantastic, but I have to draw special attention to the wonderful dicks. Looks like Fallen worked some foreskin magic as well, cause those thick skins have my eyes popping. :P I loved this image so much, I had to give you all a peek at Fallens wonderful line work below. Enjoy!!!

I am thinking of expanding on doing a Dore and Ryus relationship after seeing this. Fallens work here calls for sequels. Maybe this will be the first of a series.

Bonus Tan variation:

Friday, February 11, 2011

Genshi Shonen Ryu the Primitive Man Ryu by Sunnyboys and CatchX!

Way back in the ancient 1970's there was a show about a young mans quest set in the harsh prehistoric Earth. That show was called Genshi Shonen Ryu, or the Primitive Boy Ryu. I would often see images of the series, here and there growing up. The series as far as I know has no official English translation. That's a shame. It's very surprising that in the 90's when both anime and dinosaurs were extremely hot that no company State side decided to pick it up. I am sure it would have been very well received. Well there is good news. I was searching various blog sites when I found images of the series as well as links to a group that is currently fan subbing the title. They started some time in 2009 and have got to episode 13.

You can find the fan subs here:

The Genshi Shonen Ryu Soundtrack can be found here.

I wasn't sure if I would like the show considering it's age. I turned it on with an open mind and found myself watching all of the episodes in just a couple days. Genshi is just the kind of the classic anime I remember growing up with. It features compelling characters, really nice animation for it's time, great creatures and a heart warming quest. Most important of all, no one over acts. Well maybe the one kid cries a bit too much at times, but fuck, if I was running from dinosaurs every day at his age, I would be balling and bitching way more then he does.

I find Ryu to be a very sexy character and I imagine him as growing up to be very thickly muscled and well hung. So I asked more then a few people to take him on all grown up! The first person I talked to regarding him was the artist Sunnyboys. He did a friggen fantastic job on him. He let me watch him work, showing me many stages of the image. It was a very exciting experience. He even let me have the pdf file so I could play around with the various clothes and skin colors he made. Basically, I can strip him and give him a very deep tan. How awesome is that?

If Ryu was born this way, his life would have been a lot easier!

Sunny's Ryu is super hot. He gave him some really nice muscles, improving on his build from the anime and manga a lot. He is sporting one mammoth trunk of an uncut dick! WOW! Sunny loves to draw foreskin! LOL! I was really delighted when he told me I could flick off Ryus animal skin so I could see the perfection he created below it. A stunning image by a brilliant artist. I wish I could commission him more often. He actually did this the day I commissioned him and had it in no time flat! I love how serious and primeval Ryu looks in the fabulous Sunnyboys style! You can practically hear him grunting as he cums!

Ryu is a very handsome young man: :^D

Ryu strikes a pose with Ran, his best friend. Ran must be caveman for trip. The girl is very capable in many ways, but she doesn't move for very long before falling flat on her face in almost every episode. Not sure how she survived so long without Ryu.

In episode 6 Ryu meets a very handsome freckled faced archer named Mashi. I can't tell you much more about him with out spoiling some plot points. I started to picture what would happen if these two got to meet each other when they were grown up. The task of making that fantasy into a reality was handed to CatchX!
Woo woo...scrooll down and get the tissues ready! XD

Here is CatchX's amazing Ryu and Mahsi in heat!

CatchX much to my delight did this really fast, just like Sunnyboys. I had the final image before I knew it. LOL He made some funny jokes about Ryus 70's style hair. So true, but it's very cute! You can see he did it brown. This is cause the painters would often switch between black and brown in the anime. I like the variation a lot. ^_^ I like the really big fun smile he planted on Ryus face. XD He really buffed the guys up and smoothed them out as well. They shine like never before with skin so tight you could bounce a quarter off them. They are pumped and I love it!
Mashi is totally dreamy with his dark skin and hot pink cock head! CatchX insisted on some sweet chest licking, which is super hot! He was a total gentleman during the entire process. You guys really should check out him if you would like a smooth commissioning experience. The final product is way too adorable for words! :D

So Genshi Ryu, what do you think of all this hot fan art so far?

Yeah, I thought so... :P

We knew Ryu was uncut cause he appears fully nude at the start of the comic! :D He's wild!

Hey Ryu! I can see your dingle!

Bad stuff is about to go down. That guys ass is sticking right up in the air. XD

You might be wondering why Ryu is tied to a stake here. I am guessing the underlying cause is one of the reasons the anime never saw a wide release in English. All of Ryus problems stem from the fact that he is a white boy. The other caveman have a strong prejudice against whitey. (Someone had a crystal ball.) I actually find this element extremely interesting. It makes Ryu a very compelling character. Only in Japan, eh?

Some of the tribes think disaster will befall any that come in contact with him. You know, even though I am sure the writers didn't think about it, that prophecy does come to pass a lot. Where Ryu goes, dinosaurs attack villages, people go to war and all sorts of other crap constantly goes down. :P Hee hee. Of course these happenings usually have nothing to do with him. If some of those people did not pay so much attention to him, they would have remained safe, instead of finding themselves sliding down a T-Rex's intestinal system.

Yeah, grab the honky, don't pay any attention to that crazed half dead dinosaur you have at your feet.

The Dinosaurs:

As much as I love this show, the dinosaur taxidermy really fascinates me. The US was not better with their depictions at the time either, of course. I mean, really though, what is this thing? The animal monoclonius would have looked much better. XD Sometimes I wonder if dinosaur books were rare in the land of the rising sun.

Unlike the manga there is a really heavy kaiju influence in the anime. The Rex moves around more like a man in Godzilla suite then the actual animal at times. Around episode 13 a very Rodan like pterodactyl makes an appearance. The manga volumes contain a lot of art that is heavily influenced by many well known works of the time. They are stunning to say the least. The Rex, named Tyranno looks like he should be colored in vibrant greens and yellows, instead of the dull brown he wound up with in the anime. Here are some great examples from the manga. One element from this rex was stolen by the series Land of the Lost 3 years later. I'll let you discover that for yourselves by watching the anime.

Brontosaurus bites back...classic. :D

Ryus world is beautiful. The backgrounds throughout the series are really stunning. They drip with the style found in many of prehistoric books of the time. I wonder if it was an influence on any artists? Check out that sunset...

Is that Mt. Fuji???? Come on! It's not THAT old is it? Well, I guess we all know they are in Japan now.
Then again, maybe it's Amsterdam.....
I Can't believe I just did that joke.

Get ready cause Tomorrow Ryu is gonna be back by none other then the awesome Hydaria and maybe even someone else too!!!!!
Hope to see you then!


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