Friday, February 4, 2011

Bath Time Temptations

Late one evening, Cleo gets ready to take a bath. He shyly dips his big toe in to test the waters temperature, as he removes the towel from around his waist. Perched in the window, his would be lover Heru watches. Cleo often forgets that Heru is around even when they hang out together. With egotistical Cleo totally focused on keeping his body clean, Heru knows he should be safe to view from this close vantage point. Maybe Heru will be lucking enough to see Cleo jerk off? His cock throbs harder and harder at the thought. To be continued....

This is the newest image from the kick ass team of C and R! C did the character art and the outline of the room, while R did all the amazing background details, ripping colors and eye popping lighting effects! The two work in perfect unison with each other always creating great pieces.
C bestowed upon Cleo a tall thinner, but way tight build in his first sketch. I really liked that a lot. He must have liked drawing the character, cause when he sent me the second draft he took some time to bulk Cleo up and really define him! That was really sweet of him. Cleo will have to grab that thick monster with both hands to give it a real workout! :P I like how he did his scruffy hair at the back, he needs a bath! ^_^ Cleo is a bit of a complicated character and C took him on with ease.

Heru has one of those faces you want to rub noses with. :P Love the colors used on his skin and his sweet hair. He's very gentile looking from the neck up, but from the waist down, he is one heck of built warrior! He's gotta have some kick ass wings to get that ripped bod off the ground. ^_^ I thought it was pretty wicked how his penis head is poking through that foreskin opening. Reminds me of someone I knew long ago. XD It's also cute how his strong belly button is poking up just a little above his belt! hee hee

When R applied his lighting effects Cleos hair took on a whole new life of it's own. The lighting effects really do well to show off every bit of perfection on Cleos body. :D *Nose bleed.* The whole room was given a very hot romantic mood by R. He decided to Illuminate the room with magical light from the pool. This filled the walls with some great shadows, just like when you have bath by candle light! He added some great steam effects too. Sweet! This coupled with the starry sky make an atmosphere ripe for one heck of a romantic evening.

Gotta say I really appreciate the hard work done on the designs a both these men. They turned out great. Excellent work guys! Got me thinking on more images between these two.

Now for a super hot treat from FallenAngel! He did some fan art of Jamun as a mummy with Marshall and Drilldeepa discovering her alive and well! LOL. The pipe smoke... XD
I always love it when Fallen does fan art, but this one is especially great cause he tried something different with Jamun. He made her look more realistic, giving her some features of a real ancient Egyptian girl. Her face is particularly adorable with those lovely eyes, plump cheeks and those sad little lips. His coloring and style gave her a very smooth curvy look. With big boobies like that you can see why the men chase her around! XD Thank you so very much Fallen! Your Jamun is always gonna be one my favorite girls! :D You rock!

I wanted to share the voting results as well today. The character that got the most votes was Lil' Deep. So each month I will try to bring you guys a new image of him, say till October, or November.
The other winners were in order: Dimata, Smilo, Joey, Apis Bull, Dore, Cleo, Romer, Dinosaur Prince and RPG Dimata. Dore and Cleo already got images after the contest, but I am sure they will get more during the year. Dore already has one planned. As for others, I don't want to reveal too much, but there is a butt load of stuff coming for one of these guys! Should be up around Monday. Thanks for voting for your favorites guys and girls.


  1. Hey! Boobs. :3 It's honestly something I never imagine seeing here, but you throw some curveballs at my face. Haha.
    That C&R image is really well done! The light and shading from the water is really swell. Nice stuff today! :D

  2. Hee hee Glad to hear I can still surprise ya! ^_^ Thank you for the kind comments. I thought the water was awesome too. ;)

  3. Nicely done shading effect on the pool, really nice and Heru's hard cock ready to ram Cleo? :D

    @Dp, thanks for liking Jamun-chan :D




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