Monday, February 28, 2011

Vann Illia The Barbarian By Guytoonist

It's been a week and no blog updates!!! Where have I been you ask? BUSY!!! Busy running around the world of Hyrule and talking with a couple of artists about some new developments. I'm about to give you a sneak peek into the exciting world of Vann my Hyborian Age style character and all that is too come in March!

Last fall I was having some fun drawing up animals that dwelt deep in the center of the earth. On the side of the image I drew a barbarian hero who's job it would be to deal with them. I didn't think much of him at the time, so I just sorta discarded the image. While coming up an idea for Caravaggia, I asked her what she thought of including him in the scene as he was fairly basic and she could have some fun with his design. Her work prompted me to redraw him. I named him Vann Illa. He's an Elf Barbarian. Not content to be just a girly boy, Vann wants to break the stereotype of his race and show just how manly pointy ears can be. Vann is no LINK. He hates labyrinths and fetch quests with no monetary returns with a passion. He lives in world not unlike Conans, filled with lost races and beasts from long ago.
When I showed my images of him and Caravaggias to just a couple friends. I have to say that I was stunned by the reactions I got. Lastmanouthere nudged me to create a true back story for him and I got some simply amazing fan art from Guytoonist. The man is passionate about his barbarian beauties! He's the Frazetta of the guy art world, no doubt!

Vann Illia in all his glory! As you will see below he evolved a lot. Guytoonist provided his most mature and most defined form. I might have given him a cape, but Guytoonist made it EPIC! :P Guytoonists new hair, battle scars, glorious outfit and hungry eye inducing body are outstanding. Only he could put a bulge like that in a lion cloth. ;P
Here you can see my original sketch in comparison to the second image I drew of Vann. I cut off his uncolored legs and boots here. I did up a nude version as well. He sports a cape held together by a shell and with ties that end in little brown pom poms. :P This version has his unkempt curly hair. He would later change his style to that of Guytoonist image above.

Check out Mr. Charming over here, Guytoonist original images of Vann, with that big ass chin and heart melting eyes. He's a roughed up naughty boy. He drew it on a McDonald's Napkin! Want some fries with that Big Mac? :P He added some nice scruff to his face and battle scars too. Chicks dig scars, so the Simpsons taught me. Look how massive that neck is!!! :D Now that's a real fucking treat of the week.

I would love to share Caravaggias stunning image as well, but I can't. Not without providing some spoilers in relation to the comic that FallenAngel is working on. So I am withholding it for a few weeks. Sorry Caravaggia! Her image inspired an entire story. LOL, she has herself to blame. HA ha ha ha!

I will give you one more glimps into his world before ending this. Every Barbarian saga needs lizard men. They might not be the best warriors, but they breed like rabbits and come cheaper by the dozen. They are the perfect complement to the make up of an army of any dark wizard, or evil king. Just like Vann; Kraw Lash here doesn't fit the norm. He joined up with Vann at the Barbarians request. A formidable and wise fighter, he seemingly enters the fray for coin alone. He has a thing for human men, those that are brave enough to sleep with him that is.
As you can see guytoonist once again took my simple sketch and reworked it into something admirable. (Bless him.) He has this magical ability of making otherwise creepy looking character into the most desirable men on Earth. :P

Diamond shapes adorning him? A kick as weapon, fang like spikes actually in his shoulder skin? Guytoonist imagination is simply awesome! My image is below. One of the main differences being the horns on the head were actually more a part of the skull, not unlike a ceratopsian. I like Guys dramatic spikes better. :P
I think I finally found a world for our Dark Wizard to dwell in as well Mr. Guytoonist. I could give a few more peeks, but I think that is good for now. Be ready, cause in the next few weeks Vann is gonna be totally fleshed out for your enjoyment. I hope you enjoyed this peek!


  1. I was having such a crappy day until I opened up my MSN mail this afternoon. Thank you. :)

  2. Oh GuyGuy. :3 He always has something fun to show off. X3 Facial expressions, scales, weaponry. All good things, real winner images from ol' Guy. ^^ And heck we even have some of your own arts, DP. So this is one of my favorite entries lately! A treat, good work both of ya!! You both have great imagination, equally.

  3. Wow thanks Bu! Yeah Guy is a mastermind indeed! Ha ha ha, glad you liked my doodles bro. :P

    Awe Guy I hope your day today was better. You certainly made my week special. Heck, you always do that!

  4. Barbarian x lizard men challenging :D - FallenAngel



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