Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Strange Jungle King Songs

I'm on a Tarzan's a few things to take in while I work on my next blog entry:

I don't remember seeing this video before. Did she just say she's Tinkling? LOL What is with that arm swing he does while on the elephant? XD Such a silly old video. ^^

The Tarzan is cute!

India beat Disney in doing a Musical version of Tarzan by 14 years......

From the Hindi movie The Adventures of Tarzan from 1985. The 80s had everything, even a super sexy Indian Tarzan. Dang I would have loved to see this guy naked! LOL.

Worst Tarzan Movie ever? The movie focused too much on Jane. They should have made one where Tarzan is running around without his loincloth during half the movie instead! He's cute....


  1. That Tarzan actor is hot, yeah should have him naked as well like the girl with expose breasts always. - FallenAngel

  2. Good new scene for tarzan :



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