Friday, February 11, 2011

Genshi Shonen Ryu the Primitive Man Ryu by Sunnyboys and CatchX!

Way back in the ancient 1970's there was a show about a young mans quest set in the harsh prehistoric Earth. That show was called Genshi Shonen Ryu, or the Primitive Boy Ryu. I would often see images of the series, here and there growing up. The series as far as I know has no official English translation. That's a shame. It's very surprising that in the 90's when both anime and dinosaurs were extremely hot that no company State side decided to pick it up. I am sure it would have been very well received. Well there is good news. I was searching various blog sites when I found images of the series as well as links to a group that is currently fan subbing the title. They started some time in 2009 and have got to episode 13.

You can find the fan subs here:

The Genshi Shonen Ryu Soundtrack can be found here.

I wasn't sure if I would like the show considering it's age. I turned it on with an open mind and found myself watching all of the episodes in just a couple days. Genshi is just the kind of the classic anime I remember growing up with. It features compelling characters, really nice animation for it's time, great creatures and a heart warming quest. Most important of all, no one over acts. Well maybe the one kid cries a bit too much at times, but fuck, if I was running from dinosaurs every day at his age, I would be balling and bitching way more then he does.

I find Ryu to be a very sexy character and I imagine him as growing up to be very thickly muscled and well hung. So I asked more then a few people to take him on all grown up! The first person I talked to regarding him was the artist Sunnyboys. He did a friggen fantastic job on him. He let me watch him work, showing me many stages of the image. It was a very exciting experience. He even let me have the pdf file so I could play around with the various clothes and skin colors he made. Basically, I can strip him and give him a very deep tan. How awesome is that?

If Ryu was born this way, his life would have been a lot easier!

Sunny's Ryu is super hot. He gave him some really nice muscles, improving on his build from the anime and manga a lot. He is sporting one mammoth trunk of an uncut dick! WOW! Sunny loves to draw foreskin! LOL! I was really delighted when he told me I could flick off Ryus animal skin so I could see the perfection he created below it. A stunning image by a brilliant artist. I wish I could commission him more often. He actually did this the day I commissioned him and had it in no time flat! I love how serious and primeval Ryu looks in the fabulous Sunnyboys style! You can practically hear him grunting as he cums!

Ryu is a very handsome young man: :^D

Ryu strikes a pose with Ran, his best friend. Ran must be caveman for trip. The girl is very capable in many ways, but she doesn't move for very long before falling flat on her face in almost every episode. Not sure how she survived so long without Ryu.

In episode 6 Ryu meets a very handsome freckled faced archer named Mashi. I can't tell you much more about him with out spoiling some plot points. I started to picture what would happen if these two got to meet each other when they were grown up. The task of making that fantasy into a reality was handed to CatchX!
Woo woo...scrooll down and get the tissues ready! XD

Here is CatchX's amazing Ryu and Mahsi in heat!

CatchX much to my delight did this really fast, just like Sunnyboys. I had the final image before I knew it. LOL He made some funny jokes about Ryus 70's style hair. So true, but it's very cute! You can see he did it brown. This is cause the painters would often switch between black and brown in the anime. I like the variation a lot. ^_^ I like the really big fun smile he planted on Ryus face. XD He really buffed the guys up and smoothed them out as well. They shine like never before with skin so tight you could bounce a quarter off them. They are pumped and I love it!
Mashi is totally dreamy with his dark skin and hot pink cock head! CatchX insisted on some sweet chest licking, which is super hot! He was a total gentleman during the entire process. You guys really should check out him if you would like a smooth commissioning experience. The final product is way too adorable for words! :D

So Genshi Ryu, what do you think of all this hot fan art so far?

Yeah, I thought so... :P

We knew Ryu was uncut cause he appears fully nude at the start of the comic! :D He's wild!

Hey Ryu! I can see your dingle!

Bad stuff is about to go down. That guys ass is sticking right up in the air. XD

You might be wondering why Ryu is tied to a stake here. I am guessing the underlying cause is one of the reasons the anime never saw a wide release in English. All of Ryus problems stem from the fact that he is a white boy. The other caveman have a strong prejudice against whitey. (Someone had a crystal ball.) I actually find this element extremely interesting. It makes Ryu a very compelling character. Only in Japan, eh?

Some of the tribes think disaster will befall any that come in contact with him. You know, even though I am sure the writers didn't think about it, that prophecy does come to pass a lot. Where Ryu goes, dinosaurs attack villages, people go to war and all sorts of other crap constantly goes down. :P Hee hee. Of course these happenings usually have nothing to do with him. If some of those people did not pay so much attention to him, they would have remained safe, instead of finding themselves sliding down a T-Rex's intestinal system.

Yeah, grab the honky, don't pay any attention to that crazed half dead dinosaur you have at your feet.

The Dinosaurs:

As much as I love this show, the dinosaur taxidermy really fascinates me. The US was not better with their depictions at the time either, of course. I mean, really though, what is this thing? The animal monoclonius would have looked much better. XD Sometimes I wonder if dinosaur books were rare in the land of the rising sun.

Unlike the manga there is a really heavy kaiju influence in the anime. The Rex moves around more like a man in Godzilla suite then the actual animal at times. Around episode 13 a very Rodan like pterodactyl makes an appearance. The manga volumes contain a lot of art that is heavily influenced by many well known works of the time. They are stunning to say the least. The Rex, named Tyranno looks like he should be colored in vibrant greens and yellows, instead of the dull brown he wound up with in the anime. Here are some great examples from the manga. One element from this rex was stolen by the series Land of the Lost 3 years later. I'll let you discover that for yourselves by watching the anime.

Brontosaurus bites back...classic. :D

Ryus world is beautiful. The backgrounds throughout the series are really stunning. They drip with the style found in many of prehistoric books of the time. I wonder if it was an influence on any artists? Check out that sunset...

Is that Mt. Fuji???? Come on! It's not THAT old is it? Well, I guess we all know they are in Japan now.
Then again, maybe it's Amsterdam.....
I Can't believe I just did that joke.

Get ready cause Tomorrow Ryu is gonna be back by none other then the awesome Hydaria and maybe even someone else too!!!!!
Hope to see you then!


  1. i still find this an interesting show, ^_^

  2. Hot and gawd your insert comment is really hilarious..Ryu wants grass? LOL* - FallenAngel

  3. The artwork by CatchX is just amazing :3, i swear when i have more time i have to draw those to ^v^.

    Really interesting show, though my favourite 1970/80s show has to be COBRA :) a bit more futuristic, but still its fun to see what your interested in :)

  4. Yeah CatchX did a great job! I look foward to you taking on these guys Kensoudojo. That would awesome to see.
    I never saw any episodes of Cobra, but after viewing some clips on youtube I am very eager to explore the series.

  5. Trust you to discover and promote this show, DP - it seems RIGHT up your alley! ;) I honestly had never heard of it before but it seems quite appealing and reading your post was fascinating. I love that you then got your boys to eroticise and slash the characters! ;) Great pictures from Sunny and CatchX.



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