Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines day!

Hey guys! I just wanted to do a quick post this morning to wish you all a very happy Valentines Day! I had this image commissioned by Erratak back in early 2009. It's a wonderful picture and I thought it very fitting to post with Icarus being in it and all. I do so love how the artist drew Icarus's hair here and they got his legs to look so smooth! Very sleek! This was his first porn picture and it's fantastic. :D

This was my reaction to the piece back on March 18th 09!
Wow I didn't realize till you PM'D me a little while ago that I was making you do porn for the first time. Hee hee and it's super sensual!
I love the wings on Icarus they are so fluffy! This is one of the cutest pictures I have had done! Everything about it is so soft and sweet. Your take on Rikuo is inspired! I love how you did his facial expression and his frills. And that brown penis, that's so hot! It's as if its a body part that (I don't know to explain this right) sits retracted inside a pouch and like a reptile, he pulls it out for mating, so the colour is different. That's hot for whatever reason, it's so And shows a lot of creativeness as well!
Thank you so much for drawing this for me!

For Valentines in Canada Teletoon Retro has been playing 'I Yabba Dabba Doo!" over and over. I remember being really disappointed with it when it aired at 1993. I was at my grandparents at the time and the first scene we saw was the Chip and Dales parody. I remember my grandfather who was a huge fan of Fred and the gang, uttering the lords name in vain at the sight. XD He was not impressed...
Looking at back at it, I really can't grasp why they didn't get Sally Struthers to once again voice Pebbles. What was she doing at this point that prevented her from voice acting? The biggest disappointment for me came in the form of the audience attending the wedding. This was because before I saw the movie air in full, I saw this at a local art shop:

This was back in the day when cartoon art was becoming an in thing to sell in galleries. I fell in love with this rather expensive piece. I assumed this was promotional art and the long tradition of great HB camoes was going to upheld in the movie. Boy was I wrong. My jaw dropped when I saw how lame the cameos were in the actual show. None of them talked first off. The only decent one was uncle Tex, but he was with out his wife. It just seemed like someone scanned a few episodes and picked a few random characters with no thought at all.
How awesome would it have been if all these characters pictured as well as the Gruesomes, the Frankenstones, the Schmoo, Hoppy (where the hell is he?), Grandpa Flintstone, Freds parents, Philo Quartz, Cave Mouse, the Hatrocks, Arnold the news boy all grown up and so many others had been present? The entire wedding party would have been a major blast as we got to watch all these character interacting with each other. I guess it was just another piece of proof that while Disney and Warners were striving to do quality animation, HB was still stuck in their mediocre half assed ways. Still, the movie itself is not bad and the VHS got a lot of play in my household from the younger generation.


  1. :D woho nice cumming-together shot :D, man thats one good art of Flistone party O_O - FallenAngel

  2. Ooooh, I do remember that image! Now you're just bringing back memories. :D OHHH 2009. Ahhhh.
    Anyways, yay! Happy Valentine's Day to you, my good man. <3 I hope all goes well. ^^

  3. I love the wuality of that picture, Both Icarus and Rikuo looks pretty sexy

    Hu? I remember the Flinstones movie but i never saw that picture before o_o

    Oh now i am looking at all the stuff i was missing, loads of updates i need to catch up, your Genshi Shonen Ryu the Primitive Man Ryu by Sunnyboys and CatchX! post was soo epic *_*

  4. Thanks Devilman! I had a great time doing that post! I love this show. They are only up to episode 13 after a year and a half of Fan subbing.. :( I don't think too many people saw that image of the Flintstones. It took me years to find a decent size image of it online. I thought since lots of people come here looking for Flintstones stuff, why not post it? ^_^

    Thanks BU! Ha ha ha my Valentines was busy and exciting, but that didn't mean there was much loving going on. :P



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