Tuesday, February 1, 2011

MiOWorks has John Carter and Tarzan Crossing Swords!

This mega Marvel, Disney and Burroughs mash up was created by the mighty MiOworks! It's fitting that Marvels John Carter is finally meeting Disney Tarzan, eh? XD I left the decision of which Tarzan to use up to MiOWorks. I thought it would be exciting to see which Tarzan he would pick. He did an extraordinary job on both guys. Love that expression on John! LOL, he has the cutest eyes, no? ^_^ That's the kind of face you squeeze the cheeks of while rubbing noses. Tarzan can't believe what's going on and John is in total control, like the seasoned warrior he is. Using this angle, MiO has given me the most in-your-face frot experience of my life! Putting the viewer right smack in the action. Man, those are some meaty uncut poles topped with such yummy plum heads. Through MiOs hard work, you know just by looking at them exactly how the skin on these guys bodies feel against each other. Whenever I see his work, I get an urge to do the anime boob grab with both hands! And not just on the pecks, but on those big built arms too. I was especially impressed by Johns harness done at this angle. MiO makes it look very flexible and comfortable. XD I still cannot believe he did this just for me. It's a freaking amazing piece. The line work is just incredible. I swear master MiOworks skills are screaming to be used in a comic book.

He was awesome enough to even send a version with the two heroes cumming! Check it!!!
What a perfect way to start the month of love, eh? ^_^
You guys gotta check out his amazing blog!


  1. Holy crap awesome!!! Is there a version with Carter without the harness???:P:P

  2. Glad you like it. There is only the harness version. :)

  3. Glad you liked it!
    It was a pleasure drawing it! =)

  4. Hot and sexily wet! - FallenAngel

  5. I totally HEART this. Freaking sexy as all hell. Great job MioWorks!!! :D



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