Wednesday, February 9, 2011

B. C. Bathhouse

When I first thought up Tonia, I saw him as working in an old style bathhouse. Over the last 2 years I had many ideas for him interacting with the warriors that would stop there. Well it's time to make that fantasy into a reality. I drew up the rough for this in November, or December and FallenAngel started work on it late last month. Here today I proudly present to you Tonia and Romers first manga style story, brought to stunning life by FallenAngel. I will try to add a little story worthy of Fallens work to it! ^_^; I am glad Romer made it into the top ten, I hope his fans will enjoy this.

B. C. Bathhouse:

Romer the great parasaurolophus warrior rests his weary bones and aching muscles after a day of heavy traveling. He had heard many great things about the Bathhouse that belongs to Tonias family. The facilities are wonderful. The water is just the right temperature. He sits back and looks down at his big dick bobbing in the water. All is right with the world.

From the other side of the pool Romer notices some bubbles rising and a shape coming closer under the water. The figure rises. It's Tonia, the young man Skelldon has often spoke so amorously of. He looks at Tonia in surprise. "Hello sir, my name is Tonia. Would you like me to wash you great warrior? It is my job here."
Romer looks around and answers "I guess that would be okay..I mean, if that is your job...if you want to..." Tonia sees the large dino-man is nervous. He asks Romer his name and then blushing, asks him if he would like a 'supreme wash.' Romer looks away trying to hide his embarrassed expression. Before he can answer back Tonia places a finger on his mouth and one on his leg and replies "It shall be as you wish."

Tonia starts the session by getting behind Romer and massaging his large shoulders. He motions Romer to stand so that he can better wash his shoulder blades. Tonia works Romers big strong back with great enthusiasm. He scrubs every part of his back thoroughly, working down lower and lower with one hand. Without any instruction Romer lifts his perfect ass out of the water. The sweet brown moons are practically begging for attention. Tonia begins to clean both cheeks. He finds himself so turned on by how smooth they are. He takes a finger and slowly begins to explore Romers beckoning hole. Being an ankylosaurus man has it's advantages....before Romer can react, Tonia pushes his strong tail between Romers legs, gently rubbing against his balls and moving towards Romers dick. Tonia smiles, pleased to find his washing is having the desired effect. He feels Romers cock is getting hard. Tonia flicks his tail against the shaft, rubbing the head still encased in the thick brown foreskin. This makes Romer harder and harder with each stroke. Tonia loves the feel of the parasaurolophus cock against his tail.

Tonia can hardly stand it. He gets in front of Romer and attempts to wash his massive chest. He looks down to see Romer moving his cock back and forth with his hips. The foreskin lips leave long trails of precum with each 'kiss' to Tonias own cock and belly. Tonia looks up to see Romer has a wicked smile across his face. Romer gently places his hand on Tonias head and pushes the twink down. Tonia Grabs on to the strange cock. The frill of skin below the shaft is soft and rubbery. He slowly pulls back the massively thick foreskin, which feels very strong in his soft young hands. He places the tip of his tongue in Romers piss slit, sucking out the precum. In one quick motion he takes the entire head in his mouth. Romer moans Tonias name over and over as he watches him push up and down on his shaft with one hand, while at the same time sucking and licking the purple head like there is no tomorrow.

After a few minuets Romer lifts Tonia up under the arms and places him squarely on his now completely lubed cock. Tonias eyes widen as he feels something he has never before. The cock is so thick and smooth and the foreskin feels great moving up and down inside him, but there is something else. The rim of skin, with it's wonderful curves and bumps works better then any dildo ever made. It begins massaging him into a state of total nirvana like ecstasy. Without a single touch to his dick, Tonia uncontrollably cums time and again. Over and over he gushes hot sticky loads all over Romers chest.
As Romer fucks him the great warriors precum beings to leak in streams from Tonias ass. The water is filled with so much, you would swear he had cum several times.

Romer nods several times and looks deep into Tonias eyes. "I'm gonna cum Tonia, I'm gonna fucking shoot." Tonia slides with the ease of the professional he is right off of Romers dick and onto his knees. He grabs the throbbing, pulsating cock as tight as he can with both hands and squeezes. "Take it! Shit, take it all Tonia" Romer gives out the loudest moan, that changes into a trumpeting blast created by his head crest.
The walls of the bath house vibrate as his orgasm rocks the entire facility. Gushes of hot steaming cum blast all over Tonia. It's the warmest cum he has ever felt.
After embracing with Romer for a few minuets, Tonia, lies on his back in the water. Any normal human would need a week to recover, but for Tonia this is just another day at the spa. He knows there are many more customers waiting...he floats off into another room, waving a quiet good by his new friend. Romer dozes off on the steps of the pool, not noticing the chaos his orgasm has left the area in. XD

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  1. OMG~nicely done story and that sound O_O woh!!!awesome - FallenAngel



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