Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Astaia666 takes on the Stone Age and Space Age

Hey guys, here tonight I am presenting two new images for Astaia666 done late last year. Another set of wonderful images I got during my battle with illness. I figure I would keep with the jungle man theme and show you guys her amazing take on my Caveman Dore Lockstone. :D

Dore Poses for his cave painting. No one in that land would be able to do him the justice Astaia666 does! :P
I don't know how she does it on these strips of paper, but as usual there is a TON of detail present in every centimeter. Dore's as bold and beautiful as he can be. Full lips, electrifying eyes, flowing locks and a rough unshaven face. That's sexy! I hope that tiger skin isn't a relative of Smilos! :P Astaia666 really set the mood of the image by including that dark blue storm cloud being met by a stream of lava and steam, high above a pine forest. It's nice to see he is tucked away safe, up high in his cozy cave. Mmmmmm....the perfect getaway!

OH Nova, blessed by Astaias gentle brush, will the boys now look at you as a bright distant star forever out of their reach? XD

Astaia666 went with Novas original younger build while drawing this one. He's face is so statuesque. Nova has a sculpted face, especially that chiseled nose. His hypnotic eyes that freeze you in place as his gaze reaches into your heart. Love the out of control serpentine dreads. Some seem to be keeping guard. :P For a treat, she even drew in a long smooth penis for me! ^_^ Looks like it would just glide in and out as gently as possible.

Thanks Astaia! You always astound me. I had to do a blog post just for these two! More from her very soon!


  1. Beautifully executed works. I'm delighted to see Dore making an appearance.

  2. Dore is a model god on this work, nice Nova too :D - FallenAngel

  3. Thanks guys! Those are very wonderful things to say! ^_^ I am very happy you liked 'em!



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