Friday, September 30, 2011

Lounging Skelldon By Darian821

Man, this image makes me so long to be back in Florida it's not funny. Outside, it's dark, there's a huge storm going on and it's cold. YUCK...ah, but Skelldon thanks to Darian821 is living it up on the beach. I think that's the same beach that JD was on! Looks like Skelldon crashed the party. Darian821 was great to commission. He was very attentive to Skelldons complicated design. The dino hunk has one smooooooooth profile. The picture makes a perfect beach pin up. His face could not be handsomer, with his lovely locks and those killer specs. Tres awesome Darian821, he gave me a fossil! XD Thanks again. :D

I just discovered this killer tune by a group called WE ARE ROCK-MEN. It's a catchy take on Darkmans theme from Mega Man 5.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

JD Howls Into The Halloween Season

Hello everyone and welcome a very hairy blog post here at DPK. It's all done in honor of the birthday of my good friend and artist Guytoonist. JD is nearing the one year mark as well, so he decided to crash the party! Here's some highlights of the party, as drawn by Sirio, Darian821 and FallenAngel.

Belvadar and JD enjoy a very festive fucking all thanks to master mind Sirio. I sketched up a slightly Halloween themed treat and Sirio really rolled with the idea. Looks like Belvadar got some treats, so now he's getting a trick. Hee hee! Belvadars tail is helping JDs cock slide in. Very clever using it like shoehorn! Sirio's takes on the characters are so hot, Guytoonists immediate reaction was to expressed his desire to take JDs place in the picture. XD Personally I would love to run into her full chested, starry eyed Belvadar on any day of the week. Mmmm mmmm He is fine! Delivering an absolute blast of beauty and sexuality, Sirio still is the gladiator of gay porn. ^_^

Darian821 did a marvelous job on JD. He looks so hot and ripped! Love the line work on this image. This image has such a nice warm feel to it. The whole thing makes me want to go back on vacation! Sigh I miss palm trees! JD is a bugger though. Looks like he is playing keep away with Guytoonists gifts! The image has a very neat poster look to it. Very reminiscent of nice promotional material of cartoons, like Garfield from the 80s and early 90s. Darian gave it a very classy feel for sure. I just love it. This was my first time commissioning him and the process went very quickly. As you can see the results are fabulous. :D Tomorrow I will have another of his works to share! ;)

After all the fucking and the presents, JD felt really good. He took off all his clothes and ran like a wild thing through the night! All courtesy FallenAngel, who was dying to show the wolf man in the buff. He's joined by some forest friends. A sweet little pup and a bat who loves to go on the howl...Oh that Fallen always giving it his all! Not content with just giving the audience a super sexy hunk to drool, over he creates new cast members as well. :) Beautiful work man!

While going over these pieces I enjoyed a nice cool Halloween themed Cherry Crush. I never had Cherry Crush before. It was quite thrilling to drink!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall Into A Little Class with Astasia666

Hey guys! It's late, but I had to share with you all Astasia666 newest little masterpieces with you before heading to Slumberland. Astasia666 took on two favorites from Class Comics; the Felinoid prince Lanor and the up and coming star Devilhound. The beautiful hand drawn paintings gave them an extra does of class! XD Both pieces have a very Halloweenish feel to them through the use or orange and black. That tree Lanor is on reminds me of the many a spooky Halloween tree used in classic advertising like the one found on Kerr's Molassis kisses. In the words of their creator 'The color choices are sublime and there's a real "ethereal" feel to both.'

The boys are both so stunning and beautiful. Love how Devilhound looks with his ruby eyes and full chest. The extraordinary work with the smoke makes him look like he fell from Bald Mountain. Love how it dances and whips its way around Devilhounds upper body and seems to try to pull him up into the twilight sky. So much wonderful effort went into it.
Lanor is so graceful and sexy. His hair on his head and tail seems to glow against the tree bark as it blow softly in the breeze. I feel a little naughty seeing Astasia doing such grand cocks. Her penises are very sensual. Lanor can pounce on me any day!
It's a total treat to see Class Comics characters done in this style. Done with so much love and care by Astasia666! :D Halloween has officially started at DPK! XD

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hayato and Leo

Quick blog post today. It's 9 am and it's already hotter then a volcanos armpit here. I just can't sit at this PC today. Sorry the title is misleading. This isn't gonna be a blog about Hayato and Leo having sex. XD
First off something by Demona. A really sweet chibi of Hayato from Star Gladiator and Plasma Sword from Capcom. He's the perfect mix of sexy and cute!

Really cool job on his face and eyes. May have to request a more adult image of him by Demona one day. :D I got this after a very stressful day of preparing for my trip and it really gave me a much needed smile.

Yesterday I got two Capcom Fighting Jam Leo figures in mail. They both came from the same seller. I got them pretty cheap. The quality of both is really high and I have to say I am happy with both. They are very solid and stand well. Here are some quick shots of them.

Half the Parts of Leo #1. He came in a big long package.

Leo sure has a big toothy grin.

Can they give me more pieces for his stand? He stands up by himself, so it's not really needed anyway. Note his one arm comes separate.

Leo from the second generation(?) of fighting Jam figures. He looks great and comes with two swords. His sword was also hard to detach to get into his fist. I fought with it for some time before it would detach. He was a bitch to get on to his stand. During the struggle to get him on I noticed something....

The second generation Leo has a nice ass and a big sack.

I went back and inspected figure #1, but First Generation Leo has no ass, or bulge..sad.
Udon Crew must have designed this model.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Peter Pan Fever

It's a huge thrill to see and get your picture taken with the various characters that walk around Disney. As silly as it may sound, once you are there, it's so cool and fun. You may even find yourself conversing with them. Anyway to make a long story short, I found myself being smitten with the sexy man playing Peter Pan. I finally started to get why people found the character so sexy. When I got home, I found that their are entire sites and youtube channels dedicated not only to Disney cast members, but ones just for Peter himself. One site had over 200 pages filled with images of Peter Pans from all over the world! So I got a bit of Peter Fever, Peter PAN Fever that is.
Well of course, when I got back I asked a couple artist to age Peter and give him a really full build. First up is FallenAngel, breathing some new life into an old classic:

Peters Pumped. Fallen did a great job on the elfish boy. He managed to turn him into a manly man, but keeping his youthful charms. I love how the leaves on the ends of his sleeves push out, making way for his large, rippling muscles. Very nice. He is quit the charmer with his lovely eyes and boyish hair. Fallen incorporated some new coloring techniques that give Peters outfit a very soft Disney feel.

So you have to wonder, how Pan got that big. Well, JCARTBLOG took care of that question. Here we can see he had a very special personal trainer, who taught him the advantages of growing up. Looks like Pan followed the same program Hercules did, taking him from scrawny teenager to total hunk by 18.

It was fun to see JCARTBLOG do some takes on Disney Characters again. I think the last one he did for me was Goliath from Gargoyles many moons ago. (In April 2010.) Both men turned out nice in JC's Style. He endowed them with some very handsome faces and sweet hair. I like the focused look the two heroes are giving each other. Herc is a true fitness nut. He really should be feeling Pans other throbbing muscle and ignoring that arm! XD I am sure he will get to that very soon. :P

As you will see from the images below, the artist took inspiration from the various actors and costumes Disney uses in their parks around the world. Given that Pan is portrayed by people from all over, we even switched up his cut/uncut status.

I had the pleasure of meeting this Peter Pan.

I think the Euro Disney Peters have the best costumes. JC based his Pans outfit on this design.

Stop trying to deny you're sexy, you stud you.

This is NOT a G rated moment in Disney World.

Dig the crazy tights.

Check out the neck and chest on this Peter! He needs to take that shirt off.

This Peter is just begging for you to come and get some!

Oh Those eyes and cheeks! You just wanna pinch 'em don't cha? XD

Is that acne I see? Oh Peter I do believe you grew up.

Apparently Brad Patton was hired to Play Peter at one point. Kidding. This is the gayest looking Peter I have seen so far. XD
I wonder what the exact ethnicity of this Peter is? He's certainly very steamy.

Lil' Deep At Summers End By Aneros

This Friday marked the official end of summer and start of fall here in North America. I commissioned this image from Aneros a few weeks ago when I first started to lament the end of the season. Here, done with extraordinary beauty is Lil' Deep enjoying every last ray of the setting summer sun. *SIGH*

I would love a virgin piña colada right about now. Lil Deep looks pretty sweet draped in the dying light of summers last sun. Aneros did a magnificent job with the highlights. They really bring out every inch of sexiness in Deep. Love the whole mood of this image. The orange glow is a nice precursor to the next season as well. ;) This Aneros's first take on Deep and he is super hot. He really gave him some massive legs. Very sexy and certainly needed to carry around a man with a cock that big. (It's gonna cause an eclipse, if Deeps not careful.)
My original concept had Deep looking a bit sad. Aneros did a rough with a more optimistic Deep. He gave him that big smile that was too hard to say no too. This was a little more fitting for Deep. He's not about to give up on summer fun. He's ready for one last ride on the waves. He wants to know if your game to join him. Care to take a seat? You'll feel very secure sitting right between his legs....
Amazing work Aneros. Thanks so much!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lastmanouthere Presents Bulging Wild Tiger!

Just before I left for Disney this was placed into my inbox by Lastmanouthere. I let this sit for too long! Wild Tiger would be upset. :P It's been a loooong time since I featured some of his wonderful work, so it gives me great pleasure to share this with the world today. I can't get enough of Wild Tiger. Lastmanouthere did a very wicked job on the character. He drew a few awesome poses for me to select from. It was a tough choice, but in the end we went with this one. I felt his Kotetsu Kaburagi looks quite dashing like this. :D
He's got some great abs and I love the fact that his nipples are poking at the tight outfit. I wonder if he just jumped past Blue Rose? XD Though all his muscles are sexy, the most desirable one is trying with great desperation to free itself from his speedo. Lastman gave him one manly steel bar topped with a fist sized head. (And this thing hasn't even grown to its full girth yet.) Thanks so much Lastmanouthere. He is gorgeous. :D

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back from Disney

Hey guys! I just spent almost 2 weeks at the happiest place on Earth. What an amazing place it is. I will have to do a blog on the adventures I had there in the near future. While I had visited the park for a few hours as a small child, nothing in my memories could prepare me for amazingly mind blowing the parks are. There is always something going on. I must rode Space Mountain 20 times. There is nothing like it anywhere. I have never been on a ride that had music for each part of the line, then on the ride itself and after you get off as well. With it's 70s science fiction themed displays and dioramas, it's wonderful lighting and mind blowing journey through the galaxy it's easily one of my favorite attractions of all time. Disney truly has the power to dip into your heart and bring out your inner child. Best of all, there were hardly any lines at this time of the year. Best of all the Magic Kingdom was decorated for Halloween. I tell you, Mickey throws one HELL of a Halloween Party. I could have stayed there for a month and never gotten bored for a second. XD

Well it looks like Dimata has decided to take a little vacation too. This was completed by FallenAngel while I was on vacation. I got this idea after doing some light research about Japanese hot springs. By the looks of that towel I would guess he is staying at the DPK resort. XD
I have a feeling Matu will soon be perch on that tower of meat. :P Careful Matu, it's probably a bit slippery! A super cute image, Fallen always adds such neat touches, like the bird and funny fish fountain. Gosh Fallen could you have gotten get that dick any bigger? XD Yowza! :P This was great to come home too. It wasn't the only image that was awaiting me. I will have some more for you guys in the morning.

I think my boys were following me. Wasn't I surprised to find Dimata and Smilo hanging around DinoLand USA!

Yes, just in case you were wondering, I did indeed win myself a stuff Saber tooth tiger. How cute is he? He looks like a doll Fred would purchase for Pebbles!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Panoramic Barbarians

Today, something extra special to coincide with my departure from this site for about a week. A have a piece that I believe is the most romantic and beautiful work Aneros has done to date:

What started out as a playful wade into a lake, has turned into a scene of lust and passion. Peng glided on fluttering wings towards Vann Illia. He hugged his friend, pressing his big chest against Vanns back. Vann noticed something else rubbing against him. Pengs uncut dick had been released and was softly caressing his muscular leg. He could feel the cold moist opening of the foreskin sticking to his thigh. As one hand squeezed Vanns huge pectorals, another slowly reached down his side. The tips of Pengs fingers traced gently along his abs, moving then along the side of his body, down to his hip, making Vanns body quiver. The fingers finally made their way towards their destination; the Elfin Barbarians hardening cut rod. Like a bird of prey, Peng seized Vanns dick at it's base in one fell swoop. The two looked deep into each others eyes. There was no turning back now.
From a distance a friend, Equinnus watches in silence. His manhood throbbing as the voyeur takes in the site of the lovers game. He has opted to stay silent and watch this play out.

Aneros's sensual vision of Peng, Vann illia and Equinnus was the perfect way to end summer with a bang. You can't be depressed when someone is sending you such a masterpiece. :P You can feel the lust between Peng and Vann. Their eyes are filled with a happy yearning that draws you in. So much so that I started to doodle the ensuing love scene.
The coloring brings out every feature, every curve and every muscle on these two perfect specimens. Vann is built and then some. Aneros really gave him one heck of a store front. I want to get my on those goodies! Speaking of which, I wouldn't mind cupping and tugging that uncut cock on Peng. It's extraordinarily realistic. Aneros has been researching and practicing drawing cocks of all shapes and sizes of late. His hard work and dedication to the penis really shows here. :)
Equinnus is awesome by Aneroes as usual. I love how Equinnus hair is a slightly disheveled on his forehead. Like he galloped to the scene, or he's been wiping the sweet off his head... XD
Aneroes backdrop, a secluded lake, set in a high a valley surrounded by mountains and kept even more private by thick shrubbery is wonderful. The aging pillars give rise to the thought that this has been a sanctuary of man love for eons. The textures he used on the various elements, like the arm protectors on Peng and the hair on Equinnus top off a perfect image with style and class. Thanks so much man! :D

And now with the help of my dear FallenAngel, who was kind enough to create this super delightful image, I say goodbye to you all for a short spell. I am about to have a grand adventure myself. Nothing compared the exploits the artist have created for this blog, but one I have been dreaming of since childhood. ^_^
See you guys! Peace!

Fallens Chibi characters are super cute. He really should open a commission slot for this style!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Capcom's Leo By JCARTBLOG

Hey guys! I don't have a lot of time to do blogs, but I do promise one more after this one, before I have to leave for close to 2 weeks. Today I bring to you my latest commission form the ever awesome JCARTBLOG. This time I picked a one character idea, that of Leo From Capcoms Red Earth game. I asked JC to human up his face just a bit and the result is a very handsome man beast! He's version of Leon is really stacked with the abs. He's got more layered bricks then my house! XD It's always nice to see nice to JCARTBLOG do a big man and Leo standing proud, sword held aloft is a more then welcome edition to the DPK collection. Love the work on his hair and the naughty fact that JC gave him a main above his dick too! LOL! Smexy!!! And that foreskin is so tubular! Big and thick, just the way I like it! ^o^ Mmmm this game needs a 'love making' bonus game! LOL!
Thanks so much JC!
Yeah I have a thing for Leo! So expect a lot more of him in the future! :D

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gashapon Inspired Midnight Bliss Hentai

While at a Con last week I picked up two cool figures from Cyberbots. Jin Soatome and Devilot make great editions to my desk. I started to think about what would happen if Devilot could get her hands on Jin. I am sure she would tie him up and would have no problem with my Rikuo mermaid having her way with him. Now that would be a Toy Story I would enjoy seeing. I know FallenAngel loves his hentai, so asked him if he wanted to do the idea. He not only agreed, he proceeded to do a whole dang set of the characters from Demitris MIDNIGHT BLISS series. It's really amazing. You will have to check out his blog to see all of those. First check out Rikuo and Jin! :D

A very fun and naughty image. Fallen did a great job on each character. I especially like his Devilot, who I noticed he couldn't help, but triple in bra size. :P I haven't commissioned the female Rikuo, so this was fun. In doing so, it has got me thinking that maybe we need to do a male version of this character in the future. I am sure that will turn out very sexy. Jin is nice as well. I really think this would be his reaction to sex, despite how good it feels!

These are the figures I picked up. I got them in box, (marked so you know which one you are getting.) Jin is a really big figure:

Both came with these little sketch sheets showing the characters in detail. I will have to take a picture of Devilots. I got all these images from the net.

Even while relaxing, she's always read to blast off a weapon, or snag someone in a trap:

I used to have this Rikuo. I am sure I still do,but in what kind of condition I don't know. She was boxed up years ago and I haven't seen her since. :( She got played with a lot and was fairly worn.

Along with the figures above, I also was thinking about getting a new Demitri Maximoff figure to go with my Vampire Savoir figure. (Which is always used in my Halloween Town display.) So of course this lead to more naughty stuff with Demitri and Fallens new obsession, girl Donovan! ^_^

Oh gosh! And I thought his Devilot had a big rack! XD Very sexy Fallen. That suit is painted on. (So to speak!) It really shows just how much Demitri is built! Awesome job on him dude. It turned out to be a very hot little image. :D

Don't be afraid! Gay stuff is coming up soon!

Check out FallenAngels Midnight Bliss Blog here:


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