Thursday, September 8, 2011

Panoramic Barbarians

Today, something extra special to coincide with my departure from this site for about a week. A have a piece that I believe is the most romantic and beautiful work Aneros has done to date:

What started out as a playful wade into a lake, has turned into a scene of lust and passion. Peng glided on fluttering wings towards Vann Illia. He hugged his friend, pressing his big chest against Vanns back. Vann noticed something else rubbing against him. Pengs uncut dick had been released and was softly caressing his muscular leg. He could feel the cold moist opening of the foreskin sticking to his thigh. As one hand squeezed Vanns huge pectorals, another slowly reached down his side. The tips of Pengs fingers traced gently along his abs, moving then along the side of his body, down to his hip, making Vanns body quiver. The fingers finally made their way towards their destination; the Elfin Barbarians hardening cut rod. Like a bird of prey, Peng seized Vanns dick at it's base in one fell swoop. The two looked deep into each others eyes. There was no turning back now.
From a distance a friend, Equinnus watches in silence. His manhood throbbing as the voyeur takes in the site of the lovers game. He has opted to stay silent and watch this play out.

Aneros's sensual vision of Peng, Vann illia and Equinnus was the perfect way to end summer with a bang. You can't be depressed when someone is sending you such a masterpiece. :P You can feel the lust between Peng and Vann. Their eyes are filled with a happy yearning that draws you in. So much so that I started to doodle the ensuing love scene.
The coloring brings out every feature, every curve and every muscle on these two perfect specimens. Vann is built and then some. Aneros really gave him one heck of a store front. I want to get my on those goodies! Speaking of which, I wouldn't mind cupping and tugging that uncut cock on Peng. It's extraordinarily realistic. Aneros has been researching and practicing drawing cocks of all shapes and sizes of late. His hard work and dedication to the penis really shows here. :)
Equinnus is awesome by Aneroes as usual. I love how Equinnus hair is a slightly disheveled on his forehead. Like he galloped to the scene, or he's been wiping the sweet off his head... XD
Aneroes backdrop, a secluded lake, set in a high a valley surrounded by mountains and kept even more private by thick shrubbery is wonderful. The aging pillars give rise to the thought that this has been a sanctuary of man love for eons. The textures he used on the various elements, like the arm protectors on Peng and the hair on Equinnus top off a perfect image with style and class. Thanks so much man! :D

And now with the help of my dear FallenAngel, who was kind enough to create this super delightful image, I say goodbye to you all for a short spell. I am about to have a grand adventure myself. Nothing compared the exploits the artist have created for this blog, but one I have been dreaming of since childhood. ^_^
See you guys! Peace!

Fallens Chibi characters are super cute. He really should open a commission slot for this style!

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  1. Aneros view is freaking awesome!Adding those ancient pillar adss the lustful atmosphere :D



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