Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sharks and Lions By Adonix

Di you guys remember Crokis Deep and the form he took last July? Well he's back! Adonix did this sketch of Deep and he has a question for you:
One day I will have to learn to speak in that accent! XD A wonderful picture and such an ass on that Shark. Pirates are gonna come after him with booty like that. ^_^
Inspired by his art, I requested a sketch of a Capcom favorite of mine, Leo from Red Earth. The next morning I was woke up to a dream in my inbox:

Mmmmm big bodied, uncut cut Leo. Looks like he's part human, lion and snake! XD Mmm Adonix's art rivals that of the sketches by a Capcom artist. After all, when did they ever remove the beast loin cloth and give fans the view they always wanted? XD If this was in a Capcom art book, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase it. :P Awesome sketch Adonix, You truly bring out the beauty in the beast.



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