Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Capcom's Leo By JCARTBLOG

Hey guys! I don't have a lot of time to do blogs, but I do promise one more after this one, before I have to leave for close to 2 weeks. Today I bring to you my latest commission form the ever awesome JCARTBLOG. This time I picked a one character idea, that of Leo From Capcoms Red Earth game. I asked JC to human up his face just a bit and the result is a very handsome man beast! He's version of Leon is really stacked with the abs. He's got more layered bricks then my house! XD It's always nice to see nice to JCARTBLOG do a big man and Leo standing proud, sword held aloft is a more then welcome edition to the DPK collection. Love the work on his hair and the naughty fact that JC gave him a main above his dick too! LOL! Smexy!!! And that foreskin is so tubular! Big and thick, just the way I like it! ^o^ Mmmm this game needs a 'love making' bonus game! LOL!
Thanks so much JC!
Yeah I have a thing for Leo! So expect a lot more of him in the future! :D

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