Friday, September 2, 2011

Class Comics Celebration 5: Space Cadet and Naked Justice

Today we have magnificent art featuring two good buddies of Class Comics: Space Cadet and Naked Justice. While thinking of a concept to throw at Ivanhormy, the artist remarked about how his passion for Cody and Guy had been rekindled due to some art I had sent. Knowing Patrick is a Capcom fan, a light went off in my head. I started to jot ideas down right away. I asked Ivan how he felt and he was very insistent on drawing these guys paired with Naked Justice. (Always great when an artist is fully into something!) And that is basically how todays first image came to be. I am excited to present Final Fight Encounter by Ivanhormy!

I don't think Naked Justice would mind the men experimenting with that pole, or there own poles for that matter! :P

Ivan did a splendid job on all three hunks. They all look totally fantastic in his style. Holly crap! Cody has really been working his chest. :O The site of it and that scruffy blond hair of his has gotten poor NJ hard as stone! His Naked Justice looks particularly awesome. I was very blown away by him. That meaty boner is very dool inducing. He's waiting for someone to peel him back. :P Love how he gave Cody that giant trouser snake! That cock pose is pretty wicked. XD Also cool is the brown dick head on Guy, which looks perfectly sexy peeking out from under that foreskin. Mmmm frotting with Guy, wonder what that feels like? NJ has the life! This is a particularly fun pairing for me as well, as I do so love Final Fight! Memories!!!
I got to do the dialog with the help of Ad140. He lent a hand with the text balloons. Ivanhormy really wanted to give the image an authentic touch, so yep, you guessed it, that background is straight from the game! :D Too awesome! NJ in the hood! Now there's downloadable content I would pay for! I wouldn't doubt that Cody and Guy would ignore everything and come right after Naked Justice if they saw him on the streets of Metro City.
Awesome job Ivan!

Now on to NJ's good friend Space Cadet, aka Byron who goes galactic thanks to Hydaria!

Anal Sex In the Heavens, such a beautiful concept...

This image came together after going through many concepts with Hydaria. It was awesome from the start and we added a few touches as it formed, but none as breathtaking as that backdrop. Hydaria should draw himself taking a bow for that one! :P Hydaria brings such strength and beauty to these men. Carlos looks like he was chiseled from stone. He's so gorgeously ripped. I always love to see people try something new with my characters and his designs on Carlos's gloves and arm canon are very elegant. The silver design gives him a retro feel, like something from 1970s science fiction. Too cool! Byron looks so handsome as well. He's a dark Adonis. Flipping the image around will give you a full appreciation on the muscles and tones on his perfect body and limbs. He's enjoying the sweet vibration and anal sex too much. He's cum is about to be lost in space! (If it doesn't float into Carlos's eyes first...) Thanks so much Hydaria for your wonderful work.

Tomorrow Part 6 of the Class Comics Celebration featuring the art of MiOworks. See you then! (By the way Part 4 of this theme was yesterday with the Cam comic, in case you were wondering. XD)



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