Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lil' Deep At Summers End By Aneros

This Friday marked the official end of summer and start of fall here in North America. I commissioned this image from Aneros a few weeks ago when I first started to lament the end of the season. Here, done with extraordinary beauty is Lil' Deep enjoying every last ray of the setting summer sun. *SIGH*

I would love a virgin piña colada right about now. Lil Deep looks pretty sweet draped in the dying light of summers last sun. Aneros did a magnificent job with the highlights. They really bring out every inch of sexiness in Deep. Love the whole mood of this image. The orange glow is a nice precursor to the next season as well. ;) This Aneros's first take on Deep and he is super hot. He really gave him some massive legs. Very sexy and certainly needed to carry around a man with a cock that big. (It's gonna cause an eclipse, if Deeps not careful.)
My original concept had Deep looking a bit sad. Aneros did a rough with a more optimistic Deep. He gave him that big smile that was too hard to say no too. This was a little more fitting for Deep. He's not about to give up on summer fun. He's ready for one last ride on the waves. He wants to know if your game to join him. Care to take a seat? You'll feel very secure sitting right between his legs....
Amazing work Aneros. Thanks so much!


  1. Summer is ending ....autumn next and pumpkin ready to light :D - FallenAngel

  2. Yep..and for you it's getting colder too huh? May have to put some current plans on hold and get started on some Halloween ones instead.



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