Thursday, September 1, 2011

Camili-Cat In Special Delivery!

Hello and good day! Welcome to day 4 of the Class Comics Celebration. Today I am presenting something very special indeed! The newest Manga from FallenAngel and myself. Ha ha ha, I was gonna keep this one for last, but the heck with it. These comics by FallenAngel are too exciting to hold back. :P This was part of a special birthday gift for Mr. Fillion. It's an idea that I had rolling around in my head to do since 09, but it was only after having so much fun doing so many different stories with Fallen that I got enough inspiration to move forward with the project. So let's take a journey with Cam to the planet Kumentutt.

We started this project back in late July. I remembered well Fallens kind words to me when he drew the Dune Mice. So I had a good idea he would be interested in doing a short Manga based on them. This was just too exciting to watch unfold, because these guys were made to interact with Cam. To see it come to gather with all of Fallens heart, brilliant comedy and sensuality was a true adventure.
Fallen was always adding things neat little details, like the hieroglyphics behinds Troys explanation for example. He took so much time and care with each character. He made a new outfit for Disco. That was great, I could see him smile like a Cheshire Cat when we he asked me if he could give him a new outfit. He always had some neat surprises. He gave Cam a new space outfit and a brand new ship to pilot. He was very attentive to the art ZipOpen and Urbanmusiq did. He made sure the throne and throne room resembled that of ZipOpens and the chair that Camili-Cat sat on, was the same as the one in Urbanmusiqs picture. Fallen didn't approach any panel half assed. XD The guys and cocks and poses had to be just right!
I drew up some servent mice and Fallen really enjoyed that female. He presented to me some wonderful fan art of her, which is on display on his blog. He even named her and thought up a really naughty hentai for her!

When I suggested having a disco ball behind Disco when he appeared, Fallen remarked that it might look a bit out of place. This lead to my suggestion of a floating ball that follows Disco around. Something with a propulsion system like a Jetsons car. Which gave Fallen even more to play around with.
Originally I had planned for some dialog during the sex scenes, but never got around to really writing it out properly till after the set was finished. So thanks to Lastmanouthere, I started to learn Inkscape and was able to add dialog boxes and text balloons with ease. (Thus lessening the load for FallenAngel.) Sure they look a bit different, but I enjoyed physically contributing to the comic.
All in all this was an amazing set of commissions. I don't think I could pick a favorite page, or panel. If I had to, it might just be the 'Fat Cam', followed by the instant recovery. Cause all men wish we had this power, only found in cartoons! XD I could do several blog posts on the making of this, there were so many good stories. Thanks so much FallenAngel!



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