Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hayato and Leo

Quick blog post today. It's 9 am and it's already hotter then a volcanos armpit here. I just can't sit at this PC today. Sorry the title is misleading. This isn't gonna be a blog about Hayato and Leo having sex. XD
First off something by Demona. A really sweet chibi of Hayato from Star Gladiator and Plasma Sword from Capcom. He's the perfect mix of sexy and cute!

Really cool job on his face and eyes. May have to request a more adult image of him by Demona one day. :D I got this after a very stressful day of preparing for my trip and it really gave me a much needed smile.

Yesterday I got two Capcom Fighting Jam Leo figures in mail. They both came from the same seller. I got them pretty cheap. The quality of both is really high and I have to say I am happy with both. They are very solid and stand well. Here are some quick shots of them.

Half the Parts of Leo #1. He came in a big long package.

Leo sure has a big toothy grin.

Can they give me more pieces for his stand? He stands up by himself, so it's not really needed anyway. Note his one arm comes separate.

Leo from the second generation(?) of fighting Jam figures. He looks great and comes with two swords. His sword was also hard to detach to get into his fist. I fought with it for some time before it would detach. He was a bitch to get on to his stand. During the struggle to get him on I noticed something....

The second generation Leo has a nice ass and a big sack.

I went back and inspected figure #1, but First Generation Leo has no ass, or bulge..sad.
Udon Crew must have designed this model.


  1. nice cute desing by Demona-chan :D Damn DP, you have tha inspect everything? LOL* I admit I prefer it more...Revoltech and cloth removing :D - FallenAngel

  2. Ha ha ha well I had to check out his feet to see where the holes were to put the pegs into. He wasn't very cooperative in attaching to his base, so that lead me to inspecting his underside. XD You can see his bum from the side, but yeah, I would much prefer him to be Revoltech too. (That is if they had the courage do show penis and testicles.) XD



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