Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back from Disney

Hey guys! I just spent almost 2 weeks at the happiest place on Earth. What an amazing place it is. I will have to do a blog on the adventures I had there in the near future. While I had visited the park for a few hours as a small child, nothing in my memories could prepare me for amazingly mind blowing the parks are. There is always something going on. I must rode Space Mountain 20 times. There is nothing like it anywhere. I have never been on a ride that had music for each part of the line, then on the ride itself and after you get off as well. With it's 70s science fiction themed displays and dioramas, it's wonderful lighting and mind blowing journey through the galaxy it's easily one of my favorite attractions of all time. Disney truly has the power to dip into your heart and bring out your inner child. Best of all, there were hardly any lines at this time of the year. Best of all the Magic Kingdom was decorated for Halloween. I tell you, Mickey throws one HELL of a Halloween Party. I could have stayed there for a month and never gotten bored for a second. XD

Well it looks like Dimata has decided to take a little vacation too. This was completed by FallenAngel while I was on vacation. I got this idea after doing some light research about Japanese hot springs. By the looks of that towel I would guess he is staying at the DPK resort. XD
I have a feeling Matu will soon be perch on that tower of meat. :P Careful Matu, it's probably a bit slippery! A super cute image, Fallen always adds such neat touches, like the bird and funny fish fountain. Gosh Fallen could you have gotten get that dick any bigger? XD Yowza! :P This was great to come home too. It wasn't the only image that was awaiting me. I will have some more for you guys in the morning.

I think my boys were following me. Wasn't I surprised to find Dimata and Smilo hanging around DinoLand USA!

Yes, just in case you were wondering, I did indeed win myself a stuff Saber tooth tiger. How cute is he? He looks like a doll Fred would purchase for Pebbles!

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  1. Onething for sure, there arent any Angry Bird dolls as prices LOL* XD - FallenAngel



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