Saturday, June 9, 2012

New Class Comics Cut Out Action Figures By Leon De Leon

I just woke up! It's too early to do blog posts! XD I have to though, cause I found a very fun surprise waiting for me in my inbox. Two wicked new cut out characters Camili-Cat and Space Cadet from Class Comics! ^O^ Leon De Leon (aka Urbanmusiq) did some sexy character profiles a little while ago. Most of their busts appeared in a Strip Show wallpaper given out to subscribers, back in March. Late last night Patrick and Fraser released their plans to make the set into 'action figures.' Which is pretty exciting. You guys know how much I love cut out characters! :D Hee hee We can have lots of naughty fun with these two! The image below is just the low res version of the the characters. Follow the link below to download the high res printable version and get ready to cross some paper swords.

Space Cadet and Cam need to be paired more I say! XD

Download the Full Resolution Action figures Here!

Here are the boys in action! This picture was take by Alexander who is currently working on RideHard #1 for Class Comics!
You can check out his facebook page here:

If you guys ever do anything with the cuts out posted here, or from Class, feel free to send me so pics to post here! ^_^

Here's a little sneak peek at the super hot art of Ridehard! ;D Can't wait for this one!

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