Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tolarian Fever Rising

I usually wait till a book is OUT before I start gushing on about it, but this time I just couldn't hold back. (Literally! It is was all over the place, after seeing this! XD) It's a new page that was just revealed from Camili-Cat: Love Lost #1.

Cams huge fuzzy chest in the second panel is such a boner inducer. :P

This is the first image ever of a Tolarian having sex. This friend of Cams is named Aza. It's so awesome how his nipples stick out so far and curve up when excited like a penis. XD The look they have a wide range of motion. I can imagine them gyrating around in a circular motion as he gets fucked, or just simply bobbing up and down. The Tolarian cock is amazingly beautiful. It's size and shape are lovely. Cam's really giving it to Aza!
Also featured is Cams other new friend Ducky, who is an Atreyhan. He is of the same race as Gobe from Changes. It's yet to be revealed if his lighter color and slimmer build are part of the differences infused upon Gobe by Dr. Pupae, or not. It also isn't shown if he has the same amount of nipples. I'm very excited to find out! The book is set to come out at the end of summer, so the wait won't be long!

Here are a couple images from Stripshow #1, were the Tolarians can be found in a one shot. The second image was listed as a favorite comic panel of Patricks a few years ago.

Here's a little bonus. Patrick Fillion did a few songs back in the 90s. They are really hard to find. This one is called OVNI. Johnny M was kind enough not only to post one on Youtube, but he also created a great video for it using clips from the classic Fifth Element movie! I just wish it had subtitles. My French has gotten so rusty. U__U It was really great to finally hear one of Patricks songs. I looked around a lot back in the day, but no matter how hard I searched I couldn't find anything. (Of course this was long before Youtube and when I had, gulp..dial up!) This was an awesome treat of the week.

Also in Class Comics news, the Action Figure Friday promo has continued since I posted about it. Last night Ghost Boy and Diablo were put up for download. The images come from the uber hot 7 Days comic! The week before that, the art of Jacob Mott from Naked Justice Beginnings 2 was featured. They are all still available, so click the links, snag 'em, print 'em and have some naughty fun! :P

Wave 3 Ghost Boy and Diablo Action Figures

Wave 2 Jacob Mott's Naked Justice and Vandal Action Figures can be found by searching the class comics site for:


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