Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dinosaur Prince Lounges In The Jungle

Oh gosh, big ass post below! XD So I have been in a mood to do more and more with Dinosaur Prince. A couple weeks ago I asked FallenAngel to take him on. I have to say, this is one of his most beautiful creations this year. He looks like such a peaceful, kind ruler. You may recognize one cameo here. :P

He did a great job on the colours on his body and sexy, long tick hair. Really love how heavy his big balls look resting on the Saber Tooth cheetah blanket. Fallen did a great job on the cut cock, implementing the circumcision scar very softly onto the shaft. Sweet. I started to think of so many new ideas for this character after getting this image! Thank you very much FallenAngel!

Speaking of Dinosaurs, I was at the theater yesterday. They had Spider-man cups at the concession stand. I so wanted one. I thought the cups looked pretty cool, even if they do just use the current movie posters. The problem? You have to buy a $21 combo and you have to be Scene card member, just to get a flimsy cup that will fall apart after it's second use.
Hoo boy, did that get me thinking about the good old days, of not too long ago. I mean, remember in the 90s when you got 1 of 6 different Jurassic Park cups at McDonald's with your purchase of a large drink, or combo meal? NO EXTRA CHARGE and the cups lasted a long time, especially if you didn't put them into the dishwasher. Not only that, but they had original art on them!!!!! I still have all of mine. U__U This summer has been pretty weak for merchandise in Canada. We didn't get the Avengers cups, so I really wanted to get the Spider-Man one, but I was not dishing out $24 for a cup.
Anyway some time ago I found 3 of the cups scanned online and I was waiting for the perfect time to post them here. The guy actually cut the cups and then fixed up the image where needs be. I hope they do more, but I doubt it as these ones were done some time ago.

They even gave you little dinosaur cut outs with your meal. How freaking cool was McDonald's back then? :D

I still have a Raptor somewhere.

So what movie did I see? I saw Brave. I enjoyed it a lot. It was a good solid picture. It could have benefited from a better developed central villain and some sort of quest element. There's one big buff Celtic warrior that I know Ephorox and others will soon be drawing. To me it was like Brother Bear, in the world of How to Train your Dragon (minus the dragons), where everyone talks like Shrek, with a Beauty and the Beast ending and with Huey, Dewey and Louie thrown in for good measure. LOL I guess you could say it felt like a cut and paste production made to coast on the popularity of recent hits. Seriously. There's even a little bit of Legend of Zelda in here.
The cartoon that plays before, La Luna sets the tone for what is to come, by ripping off Super Mario Galaxy. (Which is made even more obvious by having the Wreck it Ralph preview shown only moments before.)

Can kid look any less like a young Super Mario? Color his hat red and you would hard pressed to say he's not Mario. Nintendo could sue! LOL! :P The story is about three characters, that could just be direct family members of Mario, that have to clean stars off the Moon. Hey, wait a second, didn't we have to constantly clean a planet in Super Mario Galaxy? O_O There's a scene where the young boy climbs to the moon and experiences a very gentle flip in gravity, that is eerily similar to the game as well. The is only one small structure on the Moon, much like there was only Rosalina's small house on the Moon at the start of Galaxy.

Little stars fall on the moon! The little Mario goes to pick them up! Hey, that's VERY familiar!!!!

Guess what kind of Star he has to get at the climax of the film? Yep that's right a giant GRAND STAR. I had half a mind to start booing the screen.

I would have no problem with this film if somewhere, someone at Pixar admitted to having used Super Mario Galaxy as a jumping point. (I really think they should have even just paid Nintendo and used the Super Mario Galaxy characters.) What makes it so infuriating to me is that no one at Pixar will EVER admit it. They will just take in all the praise and let their egos inflate. Sigh... I guess the rest of the world will be content to swallow their claim, since they are such untouchable Gods of animation. BAH! Then again, it's not like this is the first time they have been found ripping people off to get ideas for films. Oh well, at least when I made the Galaxy Snail I admitted to being directly influenced by one of the most beautiful games of all time.

Anyway getting back to the cups, there's a bit of a happy ending to my plight. The merchandise fairies must have felt my dismay, cause when I woke up there was a huge garage sale happening right across the street. I found some really cool stuff like a near mint Dakin Garfield from 1981 for 50 cents. He still has the plastic where the cardboard tag should be.

Some of my favorite characters, Luigi and Officer Big Mac, this really sweet Brer Bear Disneyland car and all the other little figures were only 25 cents each! :D

I wanted to go back and get more characters for myself and friends, but I waited too long and everyone had packed up and left by the time I returned. Oh well, it was awesome. One lady had so many Animaniacs and Snoopy toys it was crazy. Most were pretty banged up. I saw stuff I had forgotten about for years.

And that's all folks! Type to you soon!


  1. DP I think you can already open a toy museum of your own :D some are really vintage :D now the hard part is CATALOGING each, it'll took Marshall's sorry ass to write it all down. ^^;

    1. Oh gosh, I think that would drive even Marshall crazy. Hey that gives me a good idea for a new character...I had one in mind for a long time, but you just gave him a job! :D

    2. Really? - FallenAngel



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