Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall Into A Little Class with Astasia666

Hey guys! It's late, but I had to share with you all Astasia666 newest little masterpieces with you before heading to Slumberland. Astasia666 took on two favorites from Class Comics; the Felinoid prince Lanor and the up and coming star Devilhound. The beautiful hand drawn paintings gave them an extra does of class! XD Both pieces have a very Halloweenish feel to them through the use or orange and black. That tree Lanor is on reminds me of the many a spooky Halloween tree used in classic advertising like the one found on Kerr's Molassis kisses. In the words of their creator 'The color choices are sublime and there's a real "ethereal" feel to both.'

The boys are both so stunning and beautiful. Love how Devilhound looks with his ruby eyes and full chest. The extraordinary work with the smoke makes him look like he fell from Bald Mountain. Love how it dances and whips its way around Devilhounds upper body and seems to try to pull him up into the twilight sky. So much wonderful effort went into it.
Lanor is so graceful and sexy. His hair on his head and tail seems to glow against the tree bark as it blow softly in the breeze. I feel a little naughty seeing Astasia doing such grand cocks. Her penises are very sensual. Lanor can pounce on me any day!
It's a total treat to see Class Comics characters done in this style. Done with so much love and care by Astasia666! :D Halloween has officially started at DPK! XD


  1. reminds me of that artist from Final Fantasy :D remesance - FallenAngel

  2. Nice Art, Astasia ^___^

    HOT VERY HOT guys!!!
    * ______________*

    I made with Devilhound XD~~~~


  3. Lanor is the kind of character that makes my heart skip a beat... *-*
    This astonishing art can only be made by Asta-chan, no more! ~S2 *drools*

  4. I really like the artist's work. :B They're very dreamy and misty and different like that in probably better words. lol Really great coloring!



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