Friday, September 30, 2011

Lounging Skelldon By Darian821

Man, this image makes me so long to be back in Florida it's not funny. Outside, it's dark, there's a huge storm going on and it's cold. YUCK...ah, but Skelldon thanks to Darian821 is living it up on the beach. I think that's the same beach that JD was on! Looks like Skelldon crashed the party. Darian821 was great to commission. He was very attentive to Skelldons complicated design. The dino hunk has one smooooooooth profile. The picture makes a perfect beach pin up. His face could not be handsomer, with his lovely locks and those killer specs. Tres awesome Darian821, he gave me a fossil! XD Thanks again. :D

I just discovered this killer tune by a group called WE ARE ROCK-MEN. It's a catchy take on Darkmans theme from Mega Man 5.

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  1. I did like Orlando, it's not too humid, I'd say. Though I am more of a creature fit for this dreary and chilly weather. XD It's just how I am, I guess. I like winter too.



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