Saturday, March 16, 2013

Amron Gets FUCKED in Prehistoric Paradise By Kerainen

Welcome to the Jungle...AMRON. After Amrons pleasant encounter with Tonia, his meetings with the inhabitants of Prehistoric Paradise have only become increasingly more hardcore. As if his meeting with Romer wasn't rough enough, now he's getting doubled teamed by our Dilophosaurus Twins! Hard core was certainly the theme the brilliant artist Kerainen was going for. We started out with a couple concepts and he pushed the ideas to the max and created one heck of an erotic set to enjoy. He just blasted his canvas with a ton of hot concepts.  From mutual man tit grabbing, to anal, oral and even foot massaging pectoral action, this image has it all! 

I practically insisted that he take on the Dilophsaurus brothers again, especially after reading that so many people enjoyed them the first time around.  Even in the sketch phase this image had so much humor and hotness it was amazing.  I think what I love most is the atmosphere.  The dusty, dark, rocky region, is the perfect place for these two to wait to ambush any unsuspecting victim.  One can easily imagine Amron walking cautiously through this area, feeling those 4 eyes on him, but unable to get a fix on their location.  Before he could even make a move, they would be on him.  And would be all over but the shouting. (In ecstasy!)  It's very nicely done, what with the sunlight breaking through the murky sky, just enough to illuminated our heroes. I really loved the minimalist background of stone pillars, reminiscent of something right out of the Flinstones.  Very fitting!

I hope you guys enjoyed this set of images in honor of Leon De Leons birthday.

What do you think of all this Anime Peter?

Yeah, I thought so! :P


  1. lookee those manboobs! :D nice work and hot and droollie

    1. I know, those are some loverly man boobs!

  2. So glad u and Leon like it :3 I had some fun making it ;)



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