Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ignatius D'Marrow Paleontologist Warrior Returns!

To me March is the month of spring break trips to the museum. In celebration of spring and all things prehistoric, here's Lastmanouthere's Ignatius D'Marrow. What better way to ring in the season then with this youthful image by Astasia666? The porny Paleontologist is excited to be entering Prehistoric Paradise. The sky is a beautiful spring pink! (That's Salmon, it's obviously salmon. Sorry too much Wreck it Ralph.) Migrating beasts are retuning to this area and many of the trees are still coming back to life.  In fact, his own *ahem* vine is sprouting rather proudly...

I wonder what he sees?  What has gotten him so excited?  Maybe one day we will find out.  I know I am seeing something very beautiful here.  That's for sure.  This lovely spainting was done last summer. I am really glad I saved it till spring to share with everyone.  I hope your spring is full of endearing adventures. :)

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