Monday, March 4, 2013

Kyosuke Nanbu: Super Robot Wars Hero and Nude Model

Gosh, It's like something from a Galactic Calendar isn't it?  I can picture it now, The Men of Robot Wars, each glowing brilliantly in front of their planet of choice.  Kyosuke has a whole galaxy illuminating him in his signature red thanks to the very skilled Luisazo.  And while I don't have 12 hunks from the series to share, I do have at least one more that I will be posting in the coming days. It's a character from the series I haven't asked an artist to strip down and expose yet.  Oh and he is also done by Luisazo! :P  Maybe I SHOULD make this a series? 

Anyway, yeah, I got right back into this series when a friend got the PS3 game just before Christmas.  I really hope they translate it, but I am not keeping my hopes up.  They had original generation 1 and 2 all translated, but still didn't bring the PS2 version of the Game Boy Advanced games here.  Well, if I can't fully enjoy the adventures of these robot pilots, I can at least savor the them in the nude! Hee hee.  Luisazo totally nails Kyosuke.  Looks like he fell right out of the games art book. :D I think it's cute how his little penis head is poking through that tiny opening in his foreskin. 

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  1. DP, I think the DS got the final Frontier for Original Gen



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