Monday, March 18, 2013

Athan In the Jungle

 It was Ink-B's birthday on Saturday.  I made sure to send him some beautiful birthday wishes through art by TonberryKnight and FallenAngel.  We picked his character Athan as the subject for this years gifts.  Both images place Athan deep in the forest.  Tonberry created a very magical image, setting Athan deep in the darkest part of the jungles of Prehistoric Paradise.  He is very beautiful, especially his eyes that see right through you and his big thick ears. :)

FallenAngels image is so very playful.  I wanted to do a cross over with our Monkey boys; Nole and Matu.  Fallen has them serving Athan some banana cake and assorted goodies for his birthday feast.  It's a perfect day filled with friends and food.  That's what a birthday party should be all about.  We even brought in Athans wolf familiar to join in the meal.  :) 

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