Friday, March 1, 2013

Nathan Thomas and the Dinosaurs

Because I can't resist showing off something featuring sexy men and dinosaurs that friends make, I simply insisted on sharing Ulysses0302 two new images here.  The second I saw the first one I was getting total Tomb Raider 1 flash backs.  For those that don't know this is Ulys character Nathan Thomas. He's an original character, a treasure hunter, that was lovingly inspired by Lara Croft. (Long before Uncharted came along, I might add.) Like Lara, Nathan has some major round mounds...those his are located further north, then hers. ;P  

If you would like to see more of Nathan, please check out his gallery here:


  1. Awesome! I love Nate, glad to see he's popping up again :)

  2. I never got to thank you for that! *hugs* I laughed so hard about the major mounds XD



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