Friday, March 29, 2013

Q*Bert and More Easter Display Pieces

Happy Good Friday Eh?  Here is a little crafts post to help you give a bit a retro tone to your Easter Display.  This year I found some great cut outs to use as standees. First off, right from their big comeback in Wreck-It Ralph is the cast of Q*bert!

The simple design and the large size of each character should make them easy to cut out and colour.  You could even create a little pyramid and put the characters and eggs on it for that authentic arcade feel. :)

These and the ones below are from the Shrinky Dink line.  I hear these are coming back. I recently bought a Simpsons one, so I will be displaying those here on the blog in the near future. 

When I was looking for Q*Bert I came across these old Donkey Kong Junior Puffy stickers.  Gosh, I haven't seen these since 1989.  A friend and I won the two sets of these at the Exhibition.  I still have mine, I wonder if he has his?  Probably not.  

For all the years Inspector Gadget has remained a popular TV show, (He was/is on three times a day if not more on Teletoon Retro.) I can't say I recall seeing a lot of merchandise for him.  I am guessing a lot of it was really rare based on the prices you find online.  So I felt pretty lucky when I stumbled across these.  This Set of standees has some really great art.  
Always nice to have something involving a rabbit for Easter and who better then Roger?  It's not really a standee, but this little cut out is bound to be fun to fool around with. 

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