Saturday, March 2, 2013

Meezok and Uogo Warriors Pose and More Tolarian Fever!

FallenAngel was really in the zone when he drew this sexy pin up featuring Lyrus, Meezok and Uogo.  For those that don't know these are Zahns friends and party members.  We did this right after the Zahn Omake last fall.  I actually had more ideas for Chibi Zahn and friends. I hope to get to do a couple more soon.  Originally this was going to be a chibi image, but Fallen really liked how these guys look and wanted the chance to do Uogo in full muscle man form.  I wasn't gonna stop that!  Ha ha!  I like the quiet background, with the stone fence vanishing over the grassy hillside and the mountain rising up in the distance.  Really beautiful.  Maybe not as beautiful as these two warrior though.  Chibi, or many, Fallens Uogos is always delightful.
To show just how much Fallen was 'in the zone' check out this post from around the same time.  He was doing a lot of captivating barbarian art.  In the Zahn image he shows how Zahn can create a weapon from ice, which I thought was pretty nifty.  The beast in the image is fairly disturbing once you realize where it's eye is!  There's another image here as well that keeps up the fine tradition of epic warrior art pieces.  I love that Fallen does all these with such delight and success.  Boy should make an art book.

Keeping with the current theme of Class Comics stuff, I have been dying for months to share this.  Many of you probably saw this already.  It's done by an artist named Aknaton.  He has a lot of great images, but this one is my personal favorite.  I love the way he posed Locus in this.  The way he captures him reminds me of the kind of thing I longed to see in so many sci fi books growing up, but never really did! :P  He got is dick down perfectly too.  All the boys have big bubbly muscles that are so darn sexy.  I like that he used the new design for Cam here.  His Cam looks a lot older and mature then you usually see him.  He almost looks to have a slight widows peak.  Of course his Aza to was the thing that originally captured my eye.  Big Blue is a feast for the eyes.  Yeah he has Cam and Aaza as both uncut, but that's okay.  Are none of us perfect and a little foreskin is okay with me. ;D 

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