Sunday, March 17, 2013

Diablo and Ghost Boy And A Look At Keys All By David Cantero

OMG I had to post this super silly and sexy StripShow comic from Class. It's written by Patrick Fillion and illustrated beautifully by David Cantero. (You read that right!)  It was a huge surprise to see him doing these characters. OMG..I can totally relate to this comic as well. XD Enjoy!

Who is David Cantero?  Well, you might know him from a comic called DICK, 22 CM EN EL PARO, which means unemployed.  It's a delightful comic series.  I think it originally had some association with something called, or something like that.  It as picked up last year by Spunktoons for an English release for the first time.  I highly recommend getting it.  It's really funny and super hot.
His other series Called Keys was just published in English by Class Comics.  I have to tell you, I originally found out about this series through small thumbs of the covers on some Spanish book site! It took me the longest time to figure out who drew it, what it was about, etc.  Finding information on it in English was not easy.  (At least not for me it wasn't and I am usually really good at finding porn related stuff.  Or so I am told.)   I am sure I came across a few incomplete scans, but that really wasn't helpful.  I don't even think the ones I found had the name Keys associated with them in any form.  It's so much fun finding images on the net isn't it?  Nothing is ever ambiguously named!  Anyway, long story short, my search came to an end when Patrick and Fraser sent me copies of the first two books in PDF form.  Woo hoo! :D
God, they could not have come to me at a better time. I you guys know my story of the last two months.  I read the first book and it was a total blast.  Just like Dick, Keys is a silly, sexy, fun ride.  It's full of over the top site gags, wild takes and most importantly super smoking hot sex.  It's the story of three guys who had some pretty awesome jobs, but couldn't keep their dicks in their pants.  As a result they all found themselves unemployed.  That's a lesson for us all, jerk off before heading to work!  But as they say, when one door shuts, another opens.  Their prowess with the cocks did not go unnoticed and lands them jobs with the Keys Agency.  You would think this would be a dream job, but it's not without it's headaches.  (Most of which seem to come from their treatment by Ms. Housekeeper.)  The agency is a bit like Satisfaction Guaranteed, with a slightly different purpose.  The members of Keys hope to get their clients to come out of the closet! 

And fuck me if Class Comics didn't roll out the red carpet for the stars of keys big time.  Just check out all the promotional stuff they created, including some super sweet bio cards!   I always love reading those and getting a little more insight into the characters.

Welcome to the Class Family Boys!   
Gage might be my favorite because he and I share one similar trait.  I won't say what that is, but it's showing here. XD

Gary is fucking smoking hot. He's my second favorite.  He appears to the circumcised guy in the group.  

Gage pushing down on the tip of his head through the foreskin hole.  Now that's a bio card pose! XD

I honest to God had a boss that looked just like this woman, but my boss was fatter and meaner! True story I swear! I can related to these guys....except that I was never a call boy! :P

As you can see from this page alone Keys mixes sexy and silly really well!  Needless to say the passangers were NOT happy with this flight! 
OH my little critique of Keys, cause you know I gotta be a little bitchy.  Sometimes When David draws, the foreskin takes a bit of a back seat. In the top panel the foreskin is shown bunched up, but in the bottom one due to the pull back, it might be hard to tell if there's a foreskin, or not.  In his defense we have all seen porn where due to the distance, the camera angle, quality, or just the actual dicks skin itself, it can be really hard to tell. And that's it!

I gotta say I really recommend these books.  I mean the sex is so boner inducing.  Just look at the action between Gage and Gary above.  Their are plenty of laughs and everything is kept very light hearted.  Really worth picking up and supporting.  I hope there will be more volumes in the future. I really don't know much about the future of the series, but I am hoping it will continue for some time to come!

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