Thursday, March 14, 2013

Amron And Sabell Sketches By Karulox

Tonights loverly sketches were draw by Karulox.  I love the way he put them deep in a misty setting.  Adds a little Oriental feel and mystery to the images.  You can actually put these images side by side, to depict the two lovers meeting each other in the mist.   Both his characters are pretty jaw dropping, but I think it's his Sabell that really steals the spotlight.  She's just thrusting herself at Amron, while embracing the cool winds from a misty ocean setting.  It's a very passionate pose.  Amron is more then ready for it.  The question is, is he just holding his hands at his sides, or is he grasping his pants, ready to pull them down? ;P  He certainly has a nice bulge there..hmmm...

This is what Leon De Leon had to say about the images:
THANK YOU so much for the super high-res art and for the BEAUTIFUL Amron and Sabell artworks too!! OMG Karulox got them SPOT-ON! i love it!! and the very cool wind, grass/field effect looks amazing its exactly what i would imagine the character would be in... i love it!! thank you Matty!!


  1. Thank you so much for the feature and such a wonderful comments ♥♥♥ it was asc nice time spent drawing them :D I enjoyed the result a lot :D trying to find the scent of them

    1. Thats one HOT Sabell you did woho!!! :D and hard body Amron and yes I agree with DP, nice buldge :D



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