Friday, March 29, 2013

Humpy Easter Comic Featuring Space Cadet and Harry!

Happy Easter Everyone!  I recently found myself really inspired by the character Harry from Patrick Fillion.  I must have wrote up about 10 ideas for the character.  (brag, brag.)  Funny enough, out of the ones I felt made the cut,  the idea I sent to Sirio once again features Space Cadet.  Yes it's more of Space Cadets Holiday adventures. (And paired with an anthro character yet again!)  Guess we should consider turning this into a series.  I am really proud to present this comic to you guys today.  Sirio did a really terrific job on it.  She crammed so much hotness and fun into one page.  There's some massive chests on this one. XD  It's incredible how fast she works.  I had a hard time keeping up with my replies she was so fast! I had a lot of fun coming up with concept.  And even more fun watching her bring it to life.  It was a treat better then any Easter chocolate to work with Sirio on this!  Enjoy!

I actually wrote up a sequel page to this.  Maybe Sirio and I will do it later, or next year. 

Harry was first introduced through some sketches back in 2011.  This is the first image that was released.  I love this, because it is a perfect guide to send to people drawing him.  Back then Ani-males was going to be called Spot: Officer Of The Law.

 It's a rocky relationship between these two. Ear yanking and foot stomping! Ouch! I'm gonna take a wild guess and say Boaris Chapelle isn't one of the good guys. :P

Another excellent page to get the feel for the characters.

This is the first image released that shows Harry drawn by Eric Mars for the Ani-Males comic.  There seems to be an ear yanking trend going on here!.  Poor guy!  

Class Comics released new image of Harry just in time for Easter yesterday.  They teased fans on Facebook with this sketch about a week ago.  

Yesterday evening they posted this bust image of the completed works just moments before they 'hid' the full image into their monthly news letter!

This morning the image was made a little more public on Patrick Fillions Tumblr with the message from him and Fraser to 'Make sure you get a mouthful of something tasty this weekend!'  Yeah, who wouldn't want THAT treat this weekend? :D  That is one incredible foreskin.


  1. I saw how happy Patrick was about this on Tumblr! Congratulations you two ^_^

    1. Thanks Jubell! Happy Easter! I have to keep an eye on Tumblr more! XD There are so many to watch. I only recently discovered the treasure trove that is yours. I had so much fun exploring it!

  2. Replies
    1. Hee hee. Byron and Harry need to curb their stereotyping!



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