Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ani-Males Cover Looks Hot

I'm sick as a dog, love sick that is!  The long wait is finally coming to an end.  Spot is finally getting his own book and the cover was just revealed yesterday.   It's so hot I had to post it here.  Spot is looking amazingly slick.  Illuminated like that, with all his muscles shown off so well, he has rarely looked more stunning. 

He will be joined by Class Comics new Monkey Man Wisti and Rabbit dude Harry.  Harry reminds me a little bit of the beloved character Usagi Yojimbo.  Maybe he's a gay relative? Hee hee.  That cock on him is phenominal.  The second I saw it, I thought of model Christian Atherton, who shares a similarly curved, (though not nearly as massive) cock. I hate to say it Spot, but Harry, with his pure white skin, equally handsome bald head and beautiful exotic cock is vying for the spotlight! :P  He can hope into my bed any day.  But not today...I really am sick with the flu.  Guh.  Looks like I will have lots of time to post stuff today, since I will be trapped in my room anyway.  
There's no release date as yet, just that it will be out this spring.  Here's hoping for a March release! 

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