Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Brakari Is Back

I was lucky this weekend.  I might have been sick as could be, but at least I got online at the right time. The right time being just when Rubensum posted a request journal to do some anthro style characters. I wasn't sure who would be the best choice to pick, so I sent Braki and another character to him to review. Both the characters I sent had fallen to the way side. Rub gladly chose Braki my Brachiosaurus boy. By his hand he's a forest clearing, tree top stripping, beefy dinosaur of a man. (Literally.) Something about the image gives the character a sense of movement. I can see him swaying his head slowly back and forth, swooping down to the ground, sniffing at things and people he's discovered. A Gentle creature, with little to fear due to his size. It's been a long time since I asked any artist to draw him. Way too long. Seeing this wonderful picture, made me regret not using him more over the last few years. Last time he appeared was back in 2009. Maybe I should challenge a few artist to try him out, even if only as a cameo. I always liked the idea of a super huge dino boy. It was great feeling to see him return.

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