Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Serving up some Spicy Hot Oni Hunks For FallenAngels Birthday

Tonberryknight, Sirio and I conjured up a delicious demon delight with an oriental twist for Fallenangels birthday today.  Of all his many lovely characters the girls decided to both pick Oni as the subject of their birthday greetings.  Tonberryknight had fun posing him Conan Style!  She really did a marvelous job buffing him up. 
For Sirio's image, we imagined Oni after he had a little fun at a hot spring, with the water yokai Kappa-Chan.  Fallen has shown great affection for this character and the artist Cony, (who created her) was a real sport about us using her in images with Fallens characters.  :D   I hope you guys will delight in these images as much as FallenAngel and I did!  (And don't forget to wish him a happy birthday!)

You can check out Fallens take on Kappy Chan here:

You can see more of Oni on his blog here:

AND if you have Pixiv, you can see Conys Kappa Chan here:


  1. What a sweet gesture! Very happy birthday, FallenAngel.

  2. Thanks for these wonderful gifts, DP, Sirio-chan and Tonberryknight-chan:D you make some hot Oni-chan and sexy Kappa-chan :D



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