Saturday, April 6, 2013

Super Robot Wars Joshua Radcliffe Nude By Luisazo

Like I was saying last month, I have another Super Robot Wars Hunk for you guys to enjoy, courtesy of the mega talented Luisazo.  Still thinking about doing more pin ups of these Robot pilots as well.  Even though I had seen friends play the Game Boy Advance title that Joshua Radcliffe was in, I never really gave him my full attention till I saw him on the big screen.  Oh on the PS3, HD, fully hand drawn, oh boy.  Then he my eyes sparkling.  It was one of those moments, when you see a character you really like I just start dying to get the game he is in, you know?  Sadly, I doubt the PS3 Original Generations title is ever going to come out.   Beautiful art like this, more then makes up for it though. ;D  Maybe one day PS3's will be hacked and fan subs of this game will be readily available.  Until, that time, there's always the possibilities that lie with homoerotic art. Hee hee.  

 This the animation I saw when my eyes first caught a glimpse of sexy Joshua on screen. Dang, I want that jacket!  (And what's underneath of course.) 

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