Thursday, April 11, 2013

Centurions And Barbarians Fuck For Sirio's Birthday!

It was Sirio's birthday a couple days ago, so I decided to ask FallenAngel to make something special for her big day.  I wanted to use one of her very first bara characters Caio Rufus Rapax, her Centurion villain.  He was in the first drawing I ever saw drawn by Sirio and instantly gained my interest in her works all those years ago.  We paired him with Acamas, FallenAngels Barbarian who is also one of HIS oldest creations. I think that's very fitting. :)  This is one heck of a yummy image.  Usually I write the praise, but dang, I don't think I could outdo Sirio's wonderful reaction:

OMG ....Oh hey  Black heart (cards)OBlack heart (cards) A-W-E-S-O-M-Eeeeeeehhhh !!
Thank you Matth and FallenAngel !
You were really sweet!
Caio is so cute drawing by FallenAngel !!
 Black heart (cards) Black heart (cards) A lot of hugs for you two !! Black heart (cards)Black heart (cards)
çOç  Thank youuuuuuu !!


  1. Yeah ,you guys have made me a nice surprise!
    * much love * ♥♥
    And Thanks again !!!


  2. Sirio isn't the only one who likes it, I bet. :-) Nicely done, you guys!

    (Did I mention I have a thing for hot, long-haired barbarian-type guys? :-) )

  3. Great job guys!!

    Matt/Dinosaur Prince is one of the MOST AMAZING guys in the world!
    This blog ROCKS and needs more attention!!




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