Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Class Comics Celebration 3: Zahns Crew goes in for Dildos and Dick Docking

So Zahns had something to eat. He's sucked the meat from the bone and now it's time to take care of his own boner! And who better to help him out then Maduinshorn? Once again Mario brings Zahn and Dimata to life with great passion. I love the way Zahn is firmly planting his feet on the ice as Dimata spreads him open like a turkey. We decided that Dimata is so excited and so big, he's just can't help but lick at his cock head. Lapping up all the precum goodness as he pushes that bone dildo deeper and deeper, all the time yearning to jerk off Zahns pulsating uncut cock. Pretty soon Dimata will be attempting to stick his own mighty trunk like dick up the barbarians love shoot. Of course, Zahn can take much more then this and is loving every second of it. :)

Mario always handles the characters so well. Dimata and Zahn both looks so big and mighty from top to bottom. Those titanic legs on the mammoth man are pretty awe inducing. Despite their mighty size, Maduinshorn makes it clear that these two welcome each advances. Zahns looks like he is reaching over to push that thing in further!
My favorite little touch on Dimata is the way his balls are hanging with one lower then the other. :P I can see Zahn turning around and cupping them in his strong hands. Like how Maduinshorn gave Zahn a bit of a tan. Hey, it's the end of summer, one should expect he would get a bit bronzed right? :P They looks so happy tucked away at the back of a splendidly decorated ice cave. Bravo Mario! Your men are so epic the love scene unfolds in my mind over and over. Another Maduinshorn masterpiece. :D

Next up Hydaria took on two of Zahns best men, Meezok and Selar partaking in a very sensual party game....

Selar Flies down towards Meezok when he sees the Red Priest. He can not resist temptation as he spies him on his back, stroking his huge circumcised rod. He clasps the young man gently, but firmly in his talons and positions his big pink dick head on top of Meezoks. "Mmmm.." Meekok loves the feeling he gets when the slightly cold moist uncut cock heads touches his.

Meezok smiles up at Selar and motions him to lower his hips so that they can frot. But instead Selar urges him to hold his cock steady in place, holding his arm with his talons. Selar then begins to push his foreskin down. He stretches the skin and begins to engulf Meezoks dripping head with his man-hood. Meezoks eyes light up and his mouth opens wide in delight as he feels a foreskin run down his dick for the first time. Up and down the tip Selar pushes it. He moves in closer and kisses Meezok deeply. Meezoks prayers or pleasure have been answered.

More and more they grind. Selars foreskin is pulled and stretched beyond anything he had ever attempted before. It now has moved all the way past the priests head. Meekok, who was already sensitive before the Harpy man had landed, was ready to burst. He calls out to his God Ajul as he offers his load of cum to him. "Ugh"...Selars teeth gleam as he grits them, capturing all the hot seamen into his man sack fells even better then he thought it would. He then beats his wings and lifts off, breaking the suctioning cocks with a load pop. The pleasure has brought him to his edge. He slaps the back of his rod again and again as he explodes a hot white torrent of Meezoks and his own harpy spluge all over his chest. So great and so multiple is the blast that loads rain down on Meezok as well. Meezok waves his hands in praise and then, grabbing the Harpy mans leg, draws him Earthward for round two. :)

What can I say? Both images today inspired me to come up with a little tale. This was super exciting, cause for the first time an artist known for his lovely foreskins partook of drawing a docking scene. I think this is Hydarias first Harpy as well! It was really hot and exciting to watch him do this. It was like seeing a hentai game scene be put together. The boys are both visions. The Harpys wings so soft and light, almost dream like. Selars facial features and hair match his comic counter part perfectly as does Meezok. Oh does Meezok look sexy with his glorious bald head and pillar worthy of worship! Selars dick head looks so inviting that you just want to stick your tongue under the skin and lick at it's moistness! Truly a cum inducing set of brilliance.


  1. Ohhh sooo damn hottttt guys! -FallenAngel

  2. That's what I do with my cock



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