Saturday, August 27, 2011

Behind The Scenes of Marshall Copelands Comic

I released a few of these on Facebook, so I figured I might as well give a sneak peek to you bloggers as well. It's not much, but these are some of the character designs and sketches for the first Marshall Copeland comic. I wrote up the basics for the comic in April, starting with the image of Marshall exploring the tomb below. At this point I am not sure if the comic will be sexual, or just humorous. Marshalls love interest was originally a Pharaoh girl, also pictured below. I aged her and Marshall a lot to keep my designs closer to the adult images the artist will draw for the comic. If the comic is sexual, it will not be straight and Marshalls relationship with the princess of Egypt will have to change slightly. Please note that these are just basic designs and that nothing has been done yet by a professional artist at this point.

I changed Marshalls shirts design and length to show off a bit more flesh.

Marshalls other best friend besides Crescent Tops is this Mummy, who lives in the Egyptian exhibits world. Originally as noted she was as little girl. She had two broken legs that were entirely in bandages. I kept the bandages for he redesign, but chaged her hair, opting to cover it with a hat instead.
Her elongated eyelashes are meant to be exaggerations of Egyptian eye paint.
This is her classic Black Body design.

I think most people I showed her too preferred her flesh tone design.


  1. Hehe. It's cute. You will always have a distinctive style about your arts, and you're even getting a good grasp on colors. X3 Nice work!



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