Thursday, August 11, 2011

Icarus and Rikuo Frot on the Beach By Zetht

Now here is an old image! I got this one in the summer of 09 from the artist Zetht. It's been sitting in a folder waiting to be revealed to the world since then! Commissioned around May 09 and finished in August that year. Icarus looks awesome with his hair all long and wet. Rikuo looks super with that tight little bum and jizzing uncut cock. Sigh, too bad Nintendo didn't go with an adult Pit Icaurs that looks like Zethts! This amazingly detailed pencil drawing really deserves a splash of color. Maybe some day...for now enjoy this sexy summer sperm spewing spectacle! XD


  1. Ah here we are. An oldie but a goodie. I'd known you for only a few months and I know so because you still had Rikuo fever. XD This is good though! I love the sketch, colors I am sure would be very vivid as well. :D



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