Saturday, August 27, 2011

Conan The Barbarian Weekend 2011

So I went to see Conan The Barbarian on Thursday. I went in expecting the worst, but found it to be decent film. I really enjoyed it. I will admit I had to look away during a couple of the more gruesome acts of violence. That's just me. It's over the top, filled with frays, adventure and even has a decent little plot. To my surprised, the film included some very welcome male nudity. I have to say, I found seeing Conans bottom for a few seconds to be more tantalizing then anything I have seen coming out of say Corbin Fisher as of late. On the negative side, I am still not a huge fan of jerky camera action and I felt they really skimped in the creatures department. (There is a boat carried by elephants that don't get shown till long after it's introduction in the film and even then only briefly.) All in all it was one of the more pleasant surprises of the summer. At least for me anyway.
On the way out of the theater, my buddy asked for the poster for me. :P I hope I can find it at Fan Expo tomorrow. I really don't care for the Conan standing on skulls one that Trends sells in department stores.

Another poster I hope to pick up.

After watching the film we headed to Wal-Mart. That's where I found this DVD collection of Conan The Adventurer. I expected this to get a release to cash in on the films popularity. At the same time it's also what I expected in content. The DVD costs $14.99 and only contains 13 episodes of the 64 produced. Shout Factory expects to release a second volume of 13 episodes in Nov. OH JOY. With that kind of release schedule we can expect to wait about a year and a half for the entire series to be released. Horrible isn't it? Conans DVD release hasn't been given the Dungeons & Dragons, or new He-Man treatment either. These sets are not exactly worth 'shouting' over from an extras and design stand point. Still it's nice to see Conan finally getting some sort of slow, sluggish, overpriced DVD release in the cartoons home country after 19 years.

I would have preferred this box art from the European release.

OH Jason you are yummy! I wonder if you are cut, or uncut? XD

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  1. Dad said the only hangin in the movie is that unname tentacle monster in the dungeon



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