Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Morning Joey By PPMAQ

Oh gosh! It's been a week and I haven't posted a thing! (You guys know when I am quiet I am up to mischief for this site right? XD) Well here is something I have held back since last month. It's a totally wicked idea picture by PPMAQ of Joey getting ready to star his week. He's enjoy his coffee and a cool breeze! :P Gotta hand to PPMAQ for doing a super job on Joey. He looks very studly. Gotta dedicated this one to AD140, who suggested more Joey in his robe! :P I took the initiative to try my best to color the image.

I really liked the way PPMAQ drew Joeys cock. The details in the head and shape of the shaft is really sweet. I made it darker in hopes of making it stand out a bit more. Not sure if people will like this, or not. I got a whole new appreciation for PPMAQS detailed art, as when I colored I often had to trace over many of the lines, so the colors wouldn't overlap. Hepefully I picked up a thing, or two about muscle structure as I went over every inch of Joeys sexy bod. The rob was quite the challenge! ^_^
Here is the original rockin' sketch

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