Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lil' Deep & Mako Finn Race Into August Poster by Maduinshorn

Let's enter August in a big way! This totally kick ass poster was drawn last month my Maduinshorn based on a concept I had in mind. Mako Finn and Deep are racing, but Mako had no idea the Megalodon Man was capable of securing such killer ride!

It's been all too long since Maduinshorn drew Mako last year. The character looks fantastic. Adorned with beautiful muscles, perfectly smooth legs and a strong tail, it's great to welcome Marios Lil' Deep back! Notice how the foreskin sits so tightly on his half hard cock. He did a stupendous job showing the signs of pressure of the foreskin behind the cock head on Deep. As it fights to seal the head, the wind pushing against it, it appears to grip even tighter. That's detail! XDThe foreskin details on both men are very arousing.
Mako has his hips in the cutest position as he balances and steers, his cock never tiring however and certainly not shrinking in the site of the competition! XD Maduinshorns Mako is really studly. As perfectly built as he is, my eye even in the very first sketches were drawn straight to his face. (Okay and cock. LOL) His facial expression and features, especially his nose really stand out handsomely. :D
Once again Maduinshorn has done an amazing job on the background as well. The soft clouds, the rolling waves and the little seagulls all make for just the right backdrop for a perfect racing day.
I drew up a mosasaurus based on the work of Heinrich Harder and sent the sketch below as well. My original colour scheme was not the most vibrant and my second was a bit too much. So Maduinshorn came up with the perfect mix for the mosasaurus mount. I hope you guys love this epic piece! Thanks again Maduinshorn!

The image that inspired the Mosasaurus.

While I was looking for stuff on prehistoric sea life, I found this video that has some really stunning art in it.


  1. Impressive summer race :D. Damn that levitahn is scary O_O - FallenAngel

  2. Thanks Fallen. :) Yeah there are some really creepy images in that video.

  3. Glad you posted something in honor of Shark Week. xD

  4. How oddly appropriate for late summer and also... SHARK WEEK! lol Okay might not be a shark, but it does have sea creatures with a lot of teeth, so I count it!
    Really cute. :3 I love the water effects. Looking really great!!

  5. Oh dang, I should have worked in the shark week angle! XD
    Thanks for the great comments guys!

  6. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing and I love your collection!
    Perhaps I have here something of interest for you too:



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